Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Start as you mean to continue...make it sexy!

The thing about a New Year is you have to start as you mean to continue. So yep, I hopped into the gym, vowed (and failed already) to drink less wine and eat fewer cookies but suceeding on getting to work on my 'plan' for the year.

The plan entails relocating Tiger Tem in Lagos. My lovely landlord has decided to redevelop the land into a block of flats so I must move. Did a little looking before I left and I think I'm most likely to go into a shared space with a spa. Maximised footfall.

I'm working on the decor plans and my mandate is 'Make It Sexy'! I'm just a little obsessed with the whole Boudoir Boutique thing and the current spot was very Boho Chic (lots of white and pink) when we started, last year did a little refurb which made it a little more Glam Chic (the jewellery room became aqua, black and silver and the boutique got a dose of dusky purple and gold).

And now I want full on high octane Boudoir Chic. Lots of shiny black surfaces, texture, maybe a little animal print...I'm thinking Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli style. Tres sexy no?

I want shiny black floors (probably). But I still love the chessboard effect on floors. I'm thinking a really dark purple on the walls. The dark colours will make the accessories stand out even more which is the whole point.

Can't decide on a colour for the curtains but I'm thinking an antique silver damask print. All my display cabinets at the mo are a sexy glossy black and the shelf brackets are gold so yah, I think it works. (My bro always jokes that I should design strip joints as my taste is so boudoir...hey, if the right client (after I get some proper training in interiors....no bored-housewife-keeping-myself-busy-shizzle for me, if i'm doing it, I'll do it properly) comes along and wants an upscale strip joint, I'll make it sexy yah?)

Here are a few inspired pics.

This is Becca, a fabulous make up store/lounge in South Ken, London. I'm loving the chocolate brown palette. See how almost everything is a shade of brown....but its the use of texture that makes it sexy and stops it being boring. I like. A Lot.

This is pretty much the shade of purple I'd want on the walls. And these Bone Inlay Indian mirrors add an element of exotic glam....and are a nice alternative to the much played out Venetian mirrors.

The monochrome palette is always strong and works well. Its strong, its sexy but I doubt I'd manage to pull it off without a splash of colour. Animal print can be a tricky one. Can look insanely cheap and nasty. But I think it can work really well when done properly and adds a sexy does of texture, colour and print.

Jimmy Choo, Bond St. Love the elevated display, the curtains and can you see that crystal droplet chandelier......nice. Very beige colour palette but it works well to exude that aura of hushed luxury.


Naija Chickito said...

Hee heeee!! First in here. Girl, your taste is to die for. But I love lots of colour. The purple wall really works for me. And when doing monochrome like black&white, nothing says sexy like a splash of red to spice it up!

Naija Chickito said...
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Uzo said...

Sounds deliciously decadent....I wonder how u can get customer participation in the boudoir theme..make it a shopping experience in the true sense of it....fabulous..

Tiger Tem said...

@Naija Chickito...Purple is one of my signature colours so it will definitely be used. maybe monochrome with a splash of purple?

@Uzo...deliciously decadent. I'm going to borrow that phrase, love it! Customer participation is a really good idea. Hmm, my brains ticking away. Nigerians can be a tough crowd to get to participate....

Oyinkan said...

I stopped by your store last week and i must say i was really impressed. I have a fetish for handbags so as you can imagine, i was in handbag heaven! I also like the layout and design of the store...its fun but very stylish. I think you are definately going in the right direction by trying to make your new place more sexy...keep up the good work :-)

Tiger Tem said...

@ oyinkan, always great to hear from people who shop with Tiger Tem! Send me an email (tigerbites@gmail.com) and tell me exactly what you did and didn't like....I'm all about creating the best customer experience possible!

p.s. love your blog

Girlie said...

i love purple man!!! its my colour lol... .and naija chickito, def a splash of red with monochrome would be nice.

About the strip joint!!!!! We can do a collabo, cos erm am dreaming of starting my onw Gentleman's club soon. I may be your first client!!!


Tiger Tem said...

@ girlie...LMFAO! Let me know when you're ready.