Friday, January 18, 2008

Tiger Tem Loves Cash

Ok, its official. I finally have a show that hits the same spots Sex & The City did. Cashmere Mafia.

I might be a little premature as I've only seen two episodes.

But its TV, its entertainment, its not rocket science...and I'm really not that deep.

All I need for a great show is:
1. Fabulous outfits
2. Fabulous characters
3. Witty dialogue
4. Unexpected twists and turns ( I have a very bad habit of constantly trying to guess what's going to happen next, tres disappointing when I get it harder writers)
5. Great locations/city/set

And magically Cashmere Mafia ticks all my boxes.
The show is styled by none other than Patricia Field who made a name for herself with Sex & The City then Devil Wears Prada. Has anyone been to her store? Is it me or is it year round Halloween in there? Anyway, I digress.

Lucy Liu is hot. A total minx.
Her co-stars are hot. Total foxes.
Not a scrap of the tiresome jail-bait-supposed-sex-appeal we get smacked with in every magazine/ad/music video.

Their outfits are amazing. Its not just what they wear, its how they put it together. Those women are so damn sexy, confident, stylish and smart....its such a breath of fresh air as its been a while since we had that many hot chicks of sensible age (!) on a screen.
I am officially inspired to look hot, sexy, stylish and fierce in that undeniably grown up way that screams 'Not for kids'. Obvious budget differences notwithstanding, I'm sure I'll have fun trying!
Literally every scene I'm like Holy moly that's one hot outfit!Gadamn look at those shoes!Oh my god, I want that catch my drift. And that's before we get onto the seriously tight writing and wit.
One's a magazine editor, one's a hotelier (how sexy!), one's a banker and one's a PR exec. How glamourous are those jobs for one group of women?
Its sounds like a wannabe SATC but its not, they're older, smarter and more focused on their career than their men...well so it seems anyway.

Take a look at them....

See? Not for kids.

How hot is this? Love this room. Gotta have it. Bedroom, living room, office, new Tiger Tem...whatever, as long as I get it. Lucy Liu is the main character in the show. She plays Mia Mason a magazine publisher, who rocks some seriously fierce outfits on the show.

How cute is that bag?

Bonnie Somerville plays Caitlin, a beauty PR guru. She's the younger more scatty member of the crew. She was in Friends and apparently The OC..don't remember seeing her in that. But she is one of those familiar faces we've all seen somewhere before.

Miranda Otto is my favourite (well apart from Lucy Liu). She plays Juliet the hotelier and always looks abso-friggin-lutely fabulous. The episode I just saw, she has a little makeover after she finds out her husband's been doing the dirty. HOT. We know her from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (if you like such things), What Lies Beneath and a new-ish Debra Messing series called Starter Wife. Well I guess she left that when she got a better deal on Cashmere.

Frances O'Connor is Zoe, the banker. With a very cute architect husband. Another familiar face, we've seen her in The Importance of Being Earnest, A.I., and a few other things on British TV.

Hot? Told you.


Oyinkan said...

Im going to have a 'Cashmere Mafia' Marathon this weekend. The wadbrobe looks awesome :-) There's also 'Lipstick Jungle' which is suppose to be the rival show from the creators of sex and the city with Brooke Shields as the headliner and im also gonna give that a shot and the outfits from the publicity stills look equally promising...think it starts in February

Tiger Tem said...

I'm about to do a blog on Lipstick Jungle....too many comments for here!

Renaissance Man said...

Is there a reason why these shows don't make the UK watershed? seriously.....lets think about this!

Uzo said...

Hmm...So i have to make the time to see this now...And you are right..they look hot in an accomplished and i know i am sexy but dont need to have it all hang out way....