Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tiger Tem thinks Lipstick looks a bit...

To be honest, the show I got all excited about before I even heard of Cashmere Mafia was Lipstick Jungle.

I think we can all safely say I'm a huge Sex & The City fan. The women, the clothes, the city, the storylines. That fabulous box set is still one of my most treasured Xmas presents and always a foolproof companion for sick days.

So onto Lipstick Jungle. Its the most recent book from Candace Bushnell, I've read them all and this is a friggin good read. A better read than Sex & The City to be honest (the show had a LOT of artistic licence!).

There are 3 women, they're older and they're swinging in the bigger leagues, playing ball with the big hitters, rubbing shoulders with the big kahunas. The books lets us know pretty early on that these 3 women made the top 20 New York's most powerful women

We have Nico, the flame haired editor of Bonfire a magazine that's just like Vanity Fair, (Bonfire of the Vanities, get it?). Married to a professor with a kid and finds her nomally cool, composed and totally in control self rather attracted to the latest it male model.

Then we have Victory. A hot s*&t designer who has worked her way through the ranks. Only to find out bitterly that you're only as good as your last season honey. She also has a lot of fun dating a rather obnoxious billionaire. She knows how to give as good as she gets which is entertaining to read.

And last but by no means least, we have Wendy. She'd head of New York's only film studio. Her husband is a house husband and she has 2 kids. And has a hell of a time juggling it all, nearly losing it and figuring how to stay on top.

Sounds like a recipe for the best TV show ever.

Until I heard they cast Brooke Shields. She's so not cool, funny or sexy, its not even funny. The same team that did SATC were supposed to work on Lipstick Jungle but due to lots of friction within the crew, half left (the good half i.e. Darren Star as producer and Patricia Field as stylist) to do Cashmere and the rest stuck around to do Lipstick.

And another feather in the cap for Cashmere for getting theirs out a whole MONTH before Lipstick.

I'm not a pro....but who approved this as the feature shot for the show? Its supposed to be high fashion people!!!! Just look at Brooke. WTF! And the one in the middle is supposed to be the high end designer on par with Donna, no.

There have been lots of delays so it hasn't aired yet, it airs next month but lets just say I'm not expecting it to rock my boat. What a let down.

If you haven't read it...get the book. And watch Cashmere Mafia.

Ok, ok, I'll watch one episode of Lipstick when it airs but I doubt its gonna work. Cashmere


Oyinkan said...

Ha ha ha didnt see these particular publicity shoots...those outfits are fugly!

Bobo said...

Fire the stylist, the photographer and the set decorator.

I mean, how can they generate any type of publicity for the show with such mediocre teaser poster campaigns?

As for Brooke Shields....WTF?

Tiger Tem said...

@ oyinkan....told you so!!!! I haven't seen any non-fugly shots...if you do, send a link.

@ bobo...I'd do exactly the same if I was in charge. I mean hot sh*t stylists and photographers really aren't that hard to come by. Whoever is in charge needs to be sacked. It was such a great premise and from the look of these shots...I don't know how on earth they can make up for it.

Especially with Cashmere Mafia snapping at their tails.

And Lucy Liu vs Brooke Shields? Somebody's got to be having a laugh.

Girlie said...

the animal print shoes and the velvet jacket are very disturbing......what in the foolywang hell is going on there....


Tiger Tem said...

@ girlie...the shoes! I love a good dose of animal print but OMG those shoes! AWFUL!

Uzo said...

Those are really some extra ugly pictures....Even Walmart (no offense intended) has better pics...

I have read Lipstick Jungle and loved it...Juicy reading...

Well, Brooke and co might suprise you?

Tiger Tem said...

@ uzo, haven't seen any different pictures yet so maybe there's hope. The tricky thing is Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia seem so similar people are bound to choose one over the other.

Loved the book so lets hope Brooke & co can do the show justice.