Friday, October 31, 2008

I See You Baby - Halloween (aka Good Girls Going Bad)

“It’s a night when even a nice girl can dress like a dominatrix and still hold her head up the next morning,” Linda M. Scott, a professor of marketing at the University of Oxford in England, says in an article.

Well, seeing as that give you the free rein on letting your foxy bad girl out…who’s holding you back?

I’m feeling very inspired this Halloween and here are my top picks for who or what to dress up as.

To put you all in the festive spirit, here are some great pics of celebs all dressed up for Halloween

Not for the faint of heart or the thicker set body, but going as Catwoman is one hell of a way to make sure you're the life and soul of the party! Miaow!

P poppa Diddy Pop does his bit as a Centurion.

Audrina dresses up as a very 80s Madonna and Christina Milian makes a sexy little Marie Antoinette.

Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman make a fabulous corpse bride and groom.

And clearly they're a couple that likes to dress up as here they are making a star turn as a sexy doctor and nurse. No end to the number of jokes there.

Teri hatcher and her daughter Emerson as Mary, Queen of Hearts and Alice In Wonderland.

Petra Nemcova makes a badass Cleopatra.

Liv Tyler brings some Marilyn magic to the party.

Ahoy there captain...John Legend looks a little too comfortable in his pirate get up. Booty jokes all night I'm sure.

And there's nothing like a good excuse to dress up to bring on a little gender bending. Jason Biggs makes a supercute Dorothy.

And now for some really really good costumes ideas...and remember...don't hold back!

This is my absolute favourite one for a couple. Bunny and Hef. So easy and so much fun. And anyone who's tried to convince their Mr to dress up knows how damn near impossible a task that is, but the beauty of Hef is the ease of the costume.

Betty Boop, cute, fun, sexy. Love it.

Blair Waldorf or Chuck Bass? Very easy to have fun with these outfits, this picture shoes you how to inject a little more naughty school girl into Blair's outfit to keep things on the humourous side.

Ugly Betty isn't a cute outfit but it is fun and its pretty easy too. Go all out with buck teeth and the biggest speccy four eyes you can get your hands on.

Dream Girls bring a little old school sexy to the party. Those dresses are so damn tight its a wonder they can walk and get yourself one of those retro 'set' hair styles and you're good to go. And 110% all woman.

Hallo my name is Inga, from Oktoberfest. Can I interest you in my jugs? Of beer.

She take my money....when I'm in need! I absolutely love this one. A true hardcore, unabashed gold digger. Make sure your hard hat has a functional torch on it to keep it fun and entertaining for you and help you dig out all those dollar dollar bills.

Or go as the ultimate Geisha Girl in this sexy get up. Sexy in that more covered up way.

In the words of Apache (remember him?), I need a gangsta, a gangsta bitch. Yeah, rock on wit yo bad mamma jamma self.

Officer Fisticuffs and Inmate Ben Dover. No end to the fun times to be had with this.

Heaven or Hell? Take your pick and make it rain on your party.

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker....another relatively easy couple outfit.

Plug and Socket...a brilliant idea for a couple outfit!

Make like Flava Flav (why anyone would want to....) and be the p.i.m.p. of l.o.v.e.

Another fun couple outfit, you get to be a little sexy and all dark and gothic. So much fun to be had with hair and make up on this one. And you could probably make the outfit work with clothes you already have.

If you've already decided...make sure you share with the rest of us who you're going to dress up as.

Have a fun one!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OTK Boots...TKO or OTT?

Another day, another new trend.

And this time its yet another spin on the increasingly enduringly popular...stripper chic.

Over The Knee Boots...what do you think ladies? Yay or nay?

But before you jump to judge, take a quick look at these pictures.

Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal both share a love for the Fendi suede OTK boots.

And here's my pick of the best boots around now.

Joie Dream Some Boots $475 from

Love these, somehow, for me this look works a hell of a lot better in suede and with a flat heel. Jeffrey Campbell Buck Boot $245

GoldenBleu Milo boots are ultraluxe with their supersoft Italian leather. Love them. Leather and Suede OTK boots 75GBP.

American Retro Suede OTK boots 285GBP Loving the flat grey suede. I'm thinking worn with a nice warm poloneck and leggings this would definitely be wintersexy. (Wintersexy as opposed to Summersexy is a much harder look to work as you're inevitably wearing so many layers!)

Pour La Victoire Rena Cuffed OTK Boots $465 For the most part I'd recommend avoiding the OTK boot with skirts and dresses. You're more likely to end up looking like the wrong kind of professional...but these soft grey suede flat boots could work with a jumperdress and opaque tights. See? Wintersexy.

Patrizia Pepe OTK Elastic Side Boots 395GBP

Loeffler Randall have reworked their now classic boot shape on every variety possible...if it ain't broke. $825 from

LD Turtle OTK boots put some swagger in your step. $785 from

KG from Kurt Geiger Platform OTK Boots 180 GBP

Friday, October 24, 2008

These Jackets are the Bomb

The bomber jacket has been on and off the radar with increased regularity since Gucci did a fabulous one a few years ago. I remember it very well as I loved it and it came in a fabulous bordeaux leather...alas it didn't make it into my wardrobe but my superstar Mum did get me a friggin fabulous cream one for Xmas a couple of years ago and with my tender loving care it still looks as good as new.

Which is handy as the bomber jacket is firmly back 'on'. Remember they look best when worn snug so leave the chunky jumpers out to avoid le michelin homme look.

Here's my pick of the best of the bunch.

These are all from the best shopping site in the UK
Interestingly enough I'm not the biggest fan of black leather but these are all pretty fabulous. I love the supersnug fit of the Ted Baker, love the pintucked detail of the ASOS jacket and at such a great price you can't lose.
LEFT: Ted Baker Big Collar Jacket 295GBP
CENTRE: ASOS pintucked leather jacket 85GBP
RIGHT: Oasis jacket 140GBP.

A lightweight alternative to the leather biker jacket, this cotton jacket from BB dakota in pale grey is a good everyday jacket.

This Wrangler jacket has a lived in look and its quite possibly one of my favourite shades of brown. Let's call it butterscotch caramel...sounds great doesn't it? 225GBP Firetrap Big Collar Bomber Jacket 295GBP, white and off white add a touch of glamour to a decidedly understated look.

The yummy reddish brown colour on this retro style bomber jacket is what makes this look fabulous. And expensive. $395. At 85GBP, asos are really coming up trumps with the leather jackets. This is a cute, sexy twist on the classic bomber shape, love it and love the colour.

Since they launched I've loved the name of this company...Young, Fabulous and Broke. Its the bright patterned lining that makes this black bomber truly fabulous. $370

Members' Only has been revived for 2008 from their heyday in the 80s. This biker jacket is a classic colour and cut and a good alternative to the bomber shape. $768.

This is another non-leather bomber jacket from Hinge. Great colour, great cut, great price. $98

And lets end for the weekend on a cheap and cheerful note. never leave you in a fashion rut and this little jacket is supercute with a supercute price...$19!!!

Have a good weekend


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guilt Free Gilt

Ok ladies, there's a tightly kept secret I'm about to share with you.

We all know about sample sales, the best part being the insanely low prices, the worst part being the possessed pushy grabby women competing with your possessed pushy and grabby self for those to die for rock bottom priced, high end designer shoes.

Well, for people with a US address at least, that is set to end as a I'm about to let you know how to bypass the queues.


And we're talking golden names like Valentino, Chloe, as well as more contemporary names like Twenty8 Twelve, Catherine Malandrino, Botkier, Gryson, Sergio Rossi, Delman, Alice Temperley, James Perse, Me & Ro, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Rowley, Acne Jeans, Vivienne Tam, Missoni, lambertson Truex....need more?

Oscar De La Renta, Rachel Leigh, Malo, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent...ok I'll stop.

The Gilt Groupe provides access, by invitation only to men's women's and children's coveted fashion and luxury brands at up to 70% off retail. And they really know how to keep the shoppers moving as any item placed in your shopping basket stays for 5 minutes unless you checkout. If you don't checkout within 5 minutes its released back into the pool for another shopsavvy piranha. The better he price and brand, the faster the stuff moves and I remember a few months ago they had these fabulous Marchesa dresses reduced from $600-$1500 down to $50-400. They all pretty much sold out while I was trying to work out which one I liked!

Just so you know, handbags fly. The bonus being a handbag is always the right size, unlike a dress or a pair of trousers.

And now I'm happy to share the love and pass on some invites (for a limited time only! so sign up fast!)

Just click this link

and you're just minutes away from guilt free gilt.

Please note, you can only sign up with a US address so if you don't have one, I'm going to do a post next week on a new UK based sample sale site.

Happy Shopping Ladies as believe me when I say Xmas has come early.