Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Absolutely Shagadelic

I'm in all types of love with a new trend on the horizon.

Its handy for keeping warm as the temperature drops, and its the latest look in Boho Luxe.

The fur gilet has been a long time love of mine and while I'm not fighting for animal rights (I'd rather spend that time fighting for people's rights)...there's something about real fur that ain't too kosher in 2008. Depends where you live as to how likely you are to get pelted with paint from some PETA person, so spare yourself the hassle and go faux. And yes, this is probably the only time I'll advocate going faux.

Its Gucci and you know they don't give a f*** about animals, or probably people. But this is one of the key looks of the season that spawned this trend.

Cassie looking fabulous in that Elizabeth & James Monkey fur gilet. Ok yes it looks fabulous but damn, I'm not down with having monkey draped on me!

This fab casually sexy little gilet is by BB Dakota and its the perfect everyday gilet. Kill 3 birds with one item, tartan/plaid/check, fur (hood) and its a gilet. Love it. Love that fur hood.

Kate Moss working her magic for her TopShop line in this fab photo. Its her Yeti coat which keeps selling out apparently. Looks like a fabulous portable blanket. In a cute way.

Next? I kid you not. This absolutely fabulous looking (I'd need to see it up close and personal) gilet is from next only 45 squid...not bad.

Pri-mygoodness. Primark are really stepping up their game in their total domination of the cheap and cheerful market. This is only 18 GBP (new laptop can't find the pound key) so its an easy way to dip your toe in the fur gilet trend.

Princess Riri doing what she does best, getting papped out and about looking fabulous. LOVE her gilet.

This supercute outfit is y Sweetface, J-Lo's not very talked about fashion line. Its a cute take on the casually sexy laidback everyday style of the chick from the BX. Love it.

And here are some of my takes on how to work the fur gilet to maximum effect.

Peacock Faux Fur Gilet 18GBP
Miss Sixty Knit Dress 75GBP
Dolce & Gabbana Raquel Shopper $795
Chinese Laundry 'Tahoe' boots $99

Cecil McBee Faux Fur Gilet
Forever 21 blouse $20
Frankie B Heart Cords $110
Nook & Willow weave slouch bag 420GBP
Steve Madden Merritt Shooboots $139

Primark Faux Fur Gilet 18GBP
3.1 Philip Lim Paisley Print Dress $695
Jeffrey Campbell Belinda Boots $159
Susannah Hunter Overnight Bag 770GBP

ASOS Fur Bolero 35GBP
Iisli Cashmere Butterfly Top (from Ebay)
Level 99 Chloe Straight Leg Jeans $106
Angel Jackson handbag 184GBP
Steve Madden Midory Shooboots $149

Peacock Faux Fur Gilet 18GBP
Express Chiffon Top $60
Sass & Bide Rats Leggings $176
United Nude Boots 150GBP
Botkier Cairo Bag $410
Charles & David clutch $165

Which is your favourite absolutely shagadelic look?


Dropsofglamour said...

How warm do they keep you? I get the coldest in my arms which is why i'm apprehensive about gilets. But they sure look good.

Anonymous said...

i would say sincerely that rihanna is so lucky. she is most designer's muse for advertisement. her body type...shape..figure is so easy to dress and so is carrie bradshaw's body type...shape..figure of sex and the city fame. lucky for some

Tiger Tem said...

@dropsofglamour...if you wear one with a jumper you'll be fine. I'm almost always cold and I love mine.

@anon..yes, Princess Riri is a little hottie, but its half genes and half kahunas. Its her confidence that makes her so sexy.

Uzo said...

Gilet?...LOL..Have been seeing this around..the word gilet is amusing..and it looks like i would break out in hives...i can barely stand to let my own hair down let alone some animal - real or faux..LOL

Tiger Tem said...

@Uzo...I love the look of fur. Boho luxe at its finest. Mariah Carey style snow bunny at its worst...