Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Coat Debate

Hey people,

Sorry the posts have been a little sporadic, work and life has been a little hectic.

So onto my next topic du jour, the great coat. Every year, as the temperatures start dropping I find my eyes drawn to the fantastic selection of great coats around.

I love coats and cute jackets, I quite possibly have too many, but where's the fun in shopping without happily ignoring excess?


Left: ASOS Extreme Funnel Neck 60GBP http://www.asos.com
Centre: ABS double breasted wool coat $400 now $160 http://www. smartbargains.com
Right: Long Tall Sally Kimono Sleeve Coat 85GBP http://www.asos.com

Sometimes when you're busy a full length coat just kinda gets in the way. These short black coats are the perfect everyday winter coat. They go with everything, the work by day and by night and they're easy to dress up or down.

Whether you go for the funnel neck (perfect for keeping extra warm) or the peacoat inspired ABS with swing sleeves or the LongTallSally (fabulous brand for taller women) kimono sleeve, you'll be looking seriously stylish in your anything but boring black coat.


If you want a change from boring black and want to stick to something smart and stylish, opt for the camel-beige-tan colour spectrum.
LEFT: Asos funnel neck frill edge 70GBP http://www.asos.com
CENTRE: Victoria's Secret VIA Double Breasted Coat $148 now $128 http://www. victoriassecret.com
RIGHT: French Connection Wool Mix Mohair Belted Jacket 130GBP http://www.asos.com
Again, this is a selection of stylish twists on a staple classic coat.

Whoever says you're not supposed to wear white in winter, just doesn't know how to wear it! I love winter white and I think worn well it can look supremely stylish. The smart funnel neck of the McQ jacket or the oversize collar on the Ben Sherman are both fab places to start looking.
LEFT: Ben Sherman coat $229 http://www. urbanoutfitters.com
RIGHT: Mcq by Alexander McQueen funnel neck jacket $545 http://www.net-a-porter.com

Grey is another fabulous colour for a coat. Go light or dark depending on your preference but it acts as a neutral as it goes with everything.

LEFT: Victoria's Secret Ruffle Hem Coat $168 http://www. victoriassecret.com
CENTRE: Mcq double breasted frock coat 500gbp http://www.asos.com
RIGHT: ASOS bustle back trench 60gbp http://www.asos.com

This shade of bright blue is a perfect shade for winter, It works with jeans, black and looks great in the evening too. Definitely not for the shy and retiring but it is a fabulously retro inspired quirky hue.
LEFT: Old Navy Pique Wool Blend Coat in Siberian Blue $89 http://www.oldnavy.com
RIGHT: J Crew Double Cloth Tulip Coat $330 http://www.jcrew.com

I'm a big fan of the little red riding hood come winter. I love a great red coat. As with the black or camel coat, just make sure you choose one that's the best quality that you can afford.
LEFT: Asos Ringspun kimono coat 95gbp http://www.asos.com
RIGHT: J Crew stadium cloth bridget coat $365 http://www.jcrew.com


I love purple and I love a great purple coat and man oh man, I think i might just need this J Crew coat. That shade of purple is so divinely stylish and regal...love it.
LEFT: Urban Outfitters Florrie Coat $108 http://www. urbanoutfitters.com
CENTRE: J Crew double cloth lady coat $330 http://www.jcrew.com
RIGHT: Soia & Kyo coat $360 http://www. bloomingdales.com

Ok, I've been permanently scarred against green coats from wearing our school uniform coats for 7 years...but its been just about long enough now since I had to be a 'GreenFly' to appreciate a nice green coat.
LEFT: Tulle Cypress Coat $89 now 49 http://www. nordstrom.com
RIGHT: Victoria's Secret Classic Wool Twill Coat $138 now 119 http://www. victoriassecret.com

Tweed is another great love of mine when it comes to winter coats and these two manage to pull off the understated moneyed look that I love about tweed.
LEFT: Asos Miss Sixty tweed a line coat 230gbp http://www.asos.com
RIGHT: DKNY Ruffle Front Wool Blend Coat $300 now 144 http://www. overstock.com


Abujamaiden said...

I absolutely the blues and nuetrals.The economic situation is affecting me too just like posh. Lol!

Dropsofglamour said...

All this credit crunch business is beginning to make shopping impossible :-( I love the purple coats and the tweed coat from miss sixty is to-die-for.

Been mostly busy trying to find a new job and i signed up for a short course at CSM - mostly for fun and to ensure my brain cells dont die from being idle.

How's business?

Uzo said...

Living in Nigeria means that one can look and admire all these coats and sigh since for obvious reasons, one cant splurge on coats cos of the weather...

Jinkerjacket said...

Great finds! I'm especially in love with tweed so these tweed coats are my favourites! I just recently picked up the Old Navy Pique Wool Blend Coat in Black - it's a great fit and looks absolutely adorable. But I'm having trouble figuring out what to wear it with. Any suggestions?

Tiger Tem said...

@Jinkerjacket...I think the coat is versatile to look ab with almost anything. As you went for the black cat, don't be shy with colour for your clothes. I always think that looks fab...a dark coat with bright pops of colour underneath or a bright coat with a monochrome palette for the clothes.

I think it would look great with skinnies tucked into boots and a thick wooly poloneck underneath. That's such a foolproof winter outfit isn't it? It would also look great with bootleg jeans and flats if you want something more casual.

I also love this shape of coat over a full skirt if you're going for something a little more formal. This could be a full skirt worn with a cashmere top or cardi (to keep you warm) or a dress that has a full skirt and fitted bodice.

Hope that helps!

Eric said...

I'm right there with you when it comes to owning too many coats, if that is such a thing. I really like the third gray one. It's gorgeous. I think green will be my next investment.