Thursday, October 9, 2008

I See You Baby.....

Another week...another fabulously inspired selection of images.

I See You Baby


Eve and Joy Bryant bring the fierceness to Hip Hop Honours Awards.
Love the silhouette Eve creates with the crop jacket, long sparkly top and those sexy as hell latex leggings...whose got a pair yet?

And Joy is always a joy when she steps out.

Jada, jada, jada. A mother of two and well into her forties now isn't she? Let that be inspiration to us all.

And speaking of Hot Mamas...Halle Berry is working her berryful magic in this Cavalli dress with her Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Love it. And again, I'm seriously can only hope to look this good after popping a beanie or two.

Molly Sims swans down the red carpet looking positively regal and a little bridal in this fab dress.

Anne Hathaway has been stepping it up in the style stakes since her ex was sprung with some possible jailtime in singsing....while it all has a distinct whiff of eau de publicity stunt, I'm not hating on the Marchesa dress. Love it.

Becki Newton putting some of her hard learnt Ugly Betty style tips to use in this bright cobalt Zac Posen silk prom dress which she toughens up with some seriously sexy shooboots and a studded Gucci clutch.

Beyonce giving us some I'm-a-married-woman-now-so-must-cover-up style in this diaphonous red gown. She makes it work. Against all odds.

And Kerry Washinton is giving us some diaphonous gown action on the red carpet too. Anyone seen her new flick yet? Any good?

CLaudia always has a slightly spaced out vibe (ain't coke grand) but I'm loving the old school glamour combination of camel cashmere, leopard print and black reworked in a distinctly 2008 way.

I think the Gossip Girl girlies have been calling in the stylists and raiding the shops as they just keep strutting out at events looking better and better. Love this sexy flirty cool prom dress on Jessica Szohr. And please will they just stop trying to make the Vanessa-Nate thing happen. It won't.

See what I mean? Gossip Girl Girlies...fierce. Leighton is Queen B of the style pack. Love the Brian Reyes dress on her.

J Hud in a mighty fine Tadashi LBD. Love it, love the hair, love the Neil Lane rocks.

While I'll be the first to say just because you know how to turn out great style, is no grounds for becoming a designer...but I'm kind of looking forward to seeing Rachel Bilson's Edie Rose for DKNY line as she's rocking here.

And last but by no means least, Katy Perry in a Dior dress. Looking fab.

p.s. big thank you to Swank Heights for the heads up on image size!


Anonymous said...

eve looks HOT!!! evidence that those leggings can work on more sizes than jus zero.
jada and halle are aliens. or jus hollywood celebrities who can afford personal trainers. still, inspiration.
beyonce looks a tad too married in that dress, but it works. i guess.
i actually don't like that dress on anne hathaway, which is odd considering i generally like her stylist's style :P

Omotee! said...

first time here, nice pictures, wish i were halle berry (without the boyfriend issues though)

nice blog!


yummy looks all round! Jada and Halle look amazing for their age.

SCENT said...

Loving the ugly betty dress. Didn't know that's what they call it.
Question: Is it only bloggers that can comment on other people's blog?

Uzo said...

Oh my my my.....JHud is doing great things for my views on dressing as a plus size chic..Who knew a LBD could work?

And Halle And Jada....fierce....Rachel Bilson annoys me...and your comment about Claudia...LOL...Is she still indulging?

Third World Profashional said...

already have my latex leggings. rocked them in ny but was a tad apprehensive about taking the look to bacchus, somehow i always feel under-dressed even though i wore them without fear in the us

Tiger Tem said... I think they work well on slightly curvier women. I think Anne's a new Rachel Zoe protegee now.

@omoteel..hello! and thanks!

@marian...I second that motion.

@ scent...anyone can comment on blogs. Varies slightly depending on the settings the author has put on their blog.

@Uzo...its all about the great cut.

@3rdworld..great name! I always advocate dressing the same wherever you are. No need to tweak your style to satisfy the insatiable. Bet you got a lot of attention in latex that night!

Anonymous said...

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