Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OTK Boots...TKO or OTT?

Another day, another new trend.

And this time its yet another spin on the increasingly enduringly popular...stripper chic.


Over The Knee Boots...what do you think ladies? Yay or nay?

But before you jump to judge, take a quick look at these pictures.

Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal both share a love for the Fendi suede OTK boots.

And here's my pick of the best boots around now.

Joie Dream Some Boots $475 from www.shopbop.com

Love these, somehow, for me this look works a hell of a lot better in suede and with a flat heel. Jeffrey Campbell Buck Boot $245 www.shopintuition.com

GoldenBleu Milo boots are ultraluxe with their supersoft Italian leather. Love them.

www.asos.com Leather and Suede OTK boots 75GBP.

American Retro Suede OTK boots 285GBP www.asos.com Loving the flat grey suede. I'm thinking worn with a nice warm poloneck and leggings this would definitely be wintersexy. (Wintersexy as opposed to Summersexy is a much harder look to work as you're inevitably wearing so many layers!)

Pour La Victoire Rena Cuffed OTK Boots $465 www.shopbop.com. For the most part I'd recommend avoiding the OTK boot with skirts and dresses. You're more likely to end up looking like the wrong kind of professional...but these soft grey suede flat boots could work with a jumperdress and opaque tights. See? Wintersexy.

Patrizia Pepe OTK Elastic Side Boots 395GBP www.yoox.com

Loeffler Randall have reworked their now classic boot shape on every variety possible...if it ain't broke. $825 from www.singer22.com

LD Turtle OTK boots put some swagger in your step. $785 from www.shopbop.com

KG from Kurt Geiger Platform OTK Boots 180 GBP www.kurtgeiger.com


Anonymous said...

love the goldenbleu milo ones... not so much the shoe bit, but LOVE the leg bit.
and the LD turtle... for the same reason. love it.

for the most part tho i prefer them with tucked in leggings or super skinny jeansm and not so much worn on short dresses and stuff. a little too stripper chic for me i think

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

Yay. That's what am talking about!

Dropsofglamour said...

I totally agree with Geisha.song. I prefer them tucked into jeans and I think the suede/non shiny patent piecies always look more classy.

Gucci said...

been rocking mine for nearly 2 months now. It works well with leggings or skinnies but also short dresses as long as it's got long sleeves and d only flesh on show is a bit of thighs.

yaya said...

I bought the jeffrey campbell boots and they were fabulous. Great deal too for $175.00. But i had to return them because they kept falling. They have these buckles in the back which are useless because walking 5 steps they were already down to my shins.

Tiger Tem said...

Interesting, seems the OTK boots are getting much love from everyone.

@geishasong...definitely agree, I think they look best with leggings or skinnies.

@ifeoma...you and me both!

@dropsofglamour...suede wins my vote too.

@Gucci...Rock on with your fashion forward self!

@yaya...interesting point to bear in mind for everyone. Thanks.

Abujamaiden said...

I don't like them. Seems like a fashion burden to me.

Anonymous said...

kate moss is soooooooooo thin wonder what jeans size she is. 3 zeros?

Tiger Tem said...

@abujamaiden...when worn well, they look great, when worn badly.....they look AWFUL!

@anon...yep, she's my definition of a skinny minnie. I'd guess a 24 jeans? Or maybe 23?

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