Friday, February 29, 2008

Tiger Tem Wants...Plenty

In this day and age when everything seems to be owned by the same people and backed by megabucks, its refreshing and inspiring to see a designer that has slowly and steadily worked her way up through the ranks without selling her soul to LVMH or PPR.

Today, the lady is question is Tracy Reese. Not really big in Europe but big in America. I'm a complete magazine whore so I had seen some of her stuff and heard the name a few times. Middle upper price range. Feminine, vintage inspired, quirky pieces.

Her designs are undeniably feminine with a wearable vintage/bohemian influence. Tracy Reese is the higher end line and Plenty is her diffusion line. In general you loose me at the word ‘boho’…I’m not a huge fan of the boho look, but Tracy Reese’s style sensibility seems to reflect the needs of the typical NY woman who needs to wear her clothes out the door in the morning, to the office, to dinner, to the bar and to the club.

A fabulous cream bag caught my eye and I did a little research in my usual obsessive way. And then I found out she was black. That made her story infinitely more inspiring because can someone please name one other black female designer with a flagship store in manhattan (2200 square foot), who’s line is sold at Neimans, Nordstrom, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Anthropologie and Scoop. Her work is consistently featured in Vogue, Elle, Harpers, Lucky, is a firm favourite with industry insiders, celebs and fashionistas. In 2006 she branched out into Home and Accessory collections.

Oh. My. God. That reads like my ultimate fantasy CV.

Plenty by Tracy Reese Halter Dress

Plenty by Tracy Reese Halter Dress

I’m loving this dress. Its flowy without being shapeless and with a cute cardi and some vertiginous heels, this is the type of dress that works for so many occasions and on so many different body shapes. And you see that little peek a boo keyhole…as tyra would say, FIERCE!

Plenty by Tracy Reese Inset Cardigan

Plenty by Tracy Reese Inset Cardigan

And this adorable cardi has my name all over it. The colour, the unusual crochet detail that gives a nod to vintage aesthetics but still looks sexy, pulled together and absolutely fabulous. The way it nips in at the waist is so flattering. Hmm. Think I’m going to get this one. And the stylists at are just too damn good. I’m all over the bangles too.

And this is SO ME! Love it love it love it. Its a quirky twist on the LBD. The perfect cockatil dress...and I do like my cocktail dresses.

And this one too. I love the colours, the print, and the pockets on such a fitted dress are an unusual but fabulous choice. Perfect for dinner, drinks, parties, formal events, name it, this dress has got it covered. I WANT this. I mean you'd she was paying me for this type of praise but you know how it is when you find something and you get that 'rush'...that WantItNeedItGottaHaveIt rush. Well that was what Tracy did for me.

And before you think that's it, just take a look at her handbags.

This satchel would make a great travel bag.

And this is such a gorgeous shape and colour.

Check out more of Tracy's collection on these sites

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look At Me...I'm Too Pretty To Fly

Oh. No. They. Didn't.

Just read this ridiculous story about two girls in Tampa, Florida that claim they were discriminated against on a flight as they were "Too Pretty".

The two girls claim the SouthWestern airline staff were rude to them from the moment they boarded the flight. She asked for water and was asked to wait until everyone else was served. Imagine that.

Then she knocked on an occupied bathroom door and was shocked when the man came out and yelled profanity at her. So she yelled back. And then the crew only question her.

“I think they were just discriminating against because we were young decent-looking girls. I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us except us,” she said. “[The flight attendants] were like older ladies. We were younger. Who knows, they could have been just jealous of us because we were younger.”


Lets have a look at the girls then...


Like I always say, far better to have people think you're stupid....than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Read the full story here.

Its All About The Shoes

I always love the turn of the fashion season. Usually after we've gotten bored of the increasingly monotonous red carpet events...they give us the good stuff that is the Spring/Summer collections.

A few trends I've noticed and I'm loving are the bold bright candy coloured hues, the safari inspired clothes and er, gold. I used to hate gold accessories but now I love them so that works for me too.

Shoes - United Nude
I'm in love with their shoes. I think I'm going to get these. They're so unusual aren't they?

Earrings - Roberta Chiarella
Fabulous. And I'm very pleased to be their first African stockist.

Bag - GoldenBleu
Soon to be found in a Tiger Tem near you....LOVE IT!

Sunglasses - Tiger Tem
The rather sexy Carrie's are just so cute when they're worn. If I was really greedy, I'd keep them for myself.

Ring - Tiger Tem
Yep, I keep using this ring because I love it, I have it and I really do wear it all the time.

Dress - Old Navy
Check them out as they have the BEST safari inspired collection I've seen on the high street.

Speaking of sooo have to buy these shoes!

Women: Women's Canvas Wedges - Red

Women: Women's Canvas Wedges - Red

They're a "shoe-in" to become the season's most stylish footwear! Sturdy washed canvas and strappy details give the upper a sizzling tropic vibe, while the stacked wooden wedge keeps you standing tall. - Criss-cross adjustable straps with faux-leather trim Rounded toe 4" stacked wooden wedge Textured outsole

$35? Is that a joke (I'm used to pounds ...or as my friend Renaissance Man said, the only currency so hard it has a surname - sterling). They come in this divine bordeaux, khaki and black....oh, I'm getting distracted. Seen shoes, must buy...ciao!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shimmer, Glitter, Sparkle and Shine

Women, like magpies, have been drawn to all things sparkly for a long time. The bedazzling bejewelled look is one of the more constant trends in the fickle world of fashion. Its a quick route to some uberhot glamour, a fast fix of high octane style that transcends trends time and time again.

As you can see I've been quite a busy little bee, seeking high and low for the perfect things to make Tiger Tem, the boutique as absolutely fabulous as possible.

Now, ladies and gentlemen...hold onto your seats as I'm now the first African stockist for Roberta Chiarela.

Roberta Chiarela is a name you might not recognise but you'll recognise her high profile clientele...Paula Abdul, Rhianna, Hilary Duff, Jojo, AShley Judd, Amanda Bynes, Nikki Blonsky (star of Hairspray), Queen Latifah..AND as if that wasn't enough for their final concert tour Roberta designed the jewellery for Destiny's Child.

Her work has been featured in Vogue, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Glamour, InStyle, Lucky, Marie Claire, Modern Bride, Oprah, OK, People, The New York Post, US Weekly, Vogue to mention a few.

There will be a BIG event towards the end of March to launch a couple of new brands into the Tiger Tem keep your eyes peeled for updates. Or better yet, subscribe to make sure you don't miss out!

And holy moly is this some seriously, seriously HOT I'll just tease you with a few pieces.

The perfect way to be dazzling in a bejewelled world.

The Ombre

The Champagne Shower


Shake Your Tail Feather

Antique Square..perfect for every day.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TIGER'S DAILY BITE #5 - A little Tiger is never enough

Inspired by devoted Tiger Tem fan Uzo's meme thing, but I decided to switch it up a little.

So here we have it.

…10 Random things about me

1. I walk on my tiptoes when I’m barefoot. I’ve been doing that since I learned to walk…its just what I do.

2. I have a ridiculously strong sense of smell. Seriously. If someone lights up outside the window of our flat, I can smell it. Immediately.

3. I’m delusional about money. You’d think that would be a really big problem. But I really don’t think it is….or maybe that’s how deep my delusion goes.

4. I am completely addicted to tea. I cannot function without my morning cuppa.

5. I hate coffee..mocha, frappucino, latte. name it, I hate it. But I love the smell.

6. My favourite type of shopping on the face of the planet is grocery shopping. I can be in a supermarket every day. When I moved to Lagos, Sainsbury was the shop I missed the most (not a Tesco fan).

7. I’m pretty low maintenance. Not a fan of spas, manis, pedis, facials. I hate all that poking and prodding. And every time I’ve had a massage I’ve been asleep in minutes which defeats the whole object doesn’t it? Even getting my hair done is a bit of an effort.

8. I’m not into Yoga.

9. Or Paris. But like yoga, I keep thinking I’m missing something, so I’ll go again and be like….nah.

10. I’m lazy…which is probably part of the reason I worry incessantly. Because I KNOW I can’t be bothered to do the things I should.

Your turn!

Bangle Fever

I’m in the throes of Bangle Fever. Seriously. I’m loving my bangles at the moment. And being the magpie I am the more sparkly the better.

I'm usually a subscriber to the less is more school of thought when it comes to accessories but with these babies...Load me up! They look sooo much better, and more sparkly, and more impressive and all round more fantabulous when you rock 4 or 5 at the same time.

I'm yet to go out with mine and not have a bevy of magpies accost me on sight. One girl refused to leave me alone until I let her buy 2...even though I was miffed that it killed the look I was going for. 5 blinging bangles makes a statement, 3 just looked a little lonely.....

Gorgeous non?

As a special for my blog readers I'll be selling them for £15 each so send me an email with quantity and colours: TIGERBITES@GMAIL.COM


And just so I know....favourite colours please.

Friday, February 22, 2008


C.R.E.A.M. = Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Just debated this notion with a good friend of mine.


Your thoughts?

TIGER'S DAILY BITE #3 - Babies I Love You!

J-Lo has given birth to a twin boy and girl.

Must be a relief as she's been looking ready to pop for weeks. I like them, they're a really cute couple and it seems she finally found the guy she was always looking for.

No names as yet but you're all welcome to start guessing.

They might go for something really weird like Apple, but I think these two are actually quite traditional. I'll put my money on Latin names.

Gisella and Gabriel

Marcela and Marcelo

No we need something a bit more gangster for these two real life Scarface looking couple.

Estrella and Escobar.

(I'm sure Sean, Christopher and Ben won't be coming up as names though!)

AND apparently Jessica Alba's expecting twins....what's in the water all these people drink?!

Have a great weekend and as always if you can't be good, have fun being bad.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tiger Tem says Vote Or Die

Now that I've got your attention.

GoldenBleu is a new Californian handbag brand I've become a little obsessed with. More than a little obsessed actually. Its the first time pretty much since I started Tiger Tem I've actually cheated and bought a bag from another brand. That's loyalty I know but I am my own best PR. But they really had me at hello.

This is the Luella. LOVE IT!

What colour would you get it in?

And while I'm asking the questions....

And the last question...Choose as many as apply to you.

A couple more pics

The Tiffany

The Mercedes

And very good news about GoldenBleu for Tiger Tem coming soon....

Eau De Erykah?

If there’s one man that know the power of the unexpected move…in terms of acres and acres of free press. Its Tom Ford.

Never one to do a dainty little dance with controversy, he’ll smack it, flip it and rub it down…while the rest of us are left to marvel. Love him or loathe him, this guy knows how to play the press like a piano.

Case and point and a real WTF moment, he’s announced Erykah Badu will be the face of his new, as yet, un-named, fragrance. Eau de Erykah doesn't appeal much, none of the Gucci fragrances top my list but let's see.

Erykah is an unexpected choice for soooo many reasons. She’s black.

See yesterday’s post "Is It Cos I Is Black?"

She’s not that big anymore, its been about 5 years since she dropped an album.
She’s very eccentric and afro-centric and really not that mainstream.

If you asked me to guess which black women he’d pick, I’d have said Thandie, Kerry, Joy Bryant…songstress? Even Cassie would have come up higher on my list.

Which is precisely why I think Erykah is a pretty smart move. It makes us all interested, it’s a very unexpected choice so everyone’s talking about it. For free.

And for Erykah, after being out of the limelight for so long, she’s about to release her new album, and hit the road on her summer tour. I’m sure some Daft Punks will complain Erykah’s selling out. To that I say “Quiet in the cheap seats please”. I think its friggin fabulous. We all need/want/love to get paid so do what you will. And if that constitutes selling out, then in the cheap seats you shall remain.

Tom Ford likes to create very provocative ads so lets see what he’ll do with Erykah. Whatever he does is highly unlikely to be more controversial than his last one….....


How cute is this?

The bad boy that is Cruz Beckham did a spot of breakdancing on stage at the Spice Girl's Madison Square Garden show.

Rather impressive dontcha think?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've decided to introduce a new element to my page (along with the not so subtle ads on the least I had the decency to pick good ones that I actually use and shop at so can safely encourage you to do the same!..another blog on that later).

Every day I'm going to give you TIGER'S DAILY BITE. Its going to be a quick bit of salacious gossip, or an uberhot picture or that absolute nust have item. More work for me yes, but more fun for you.

So here goes my first one!

My, my, she's had an unfair share of sh*t shovelled her way recently.

Not that The Sun or The Daily Mail print the gospel truth or anything. But that's what's been going on.

Don't really have much of an opinion on her. Not particularly into Girls Aloud or anything but it must suck like hell to have all that going on in the papers. Nobody ever needs or deserves that.

Anyway, on a much brighter note, I saw this picture of her and just had to share as she's looking hot in a Herve Leger dress. I mean, damn, how many people really can look hot in dresses made up of elasticated strips.
For that (and no worries, nothing more) Cheryl, I salute you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is It Cos I Is Black?

The Naomster is always having a fashionable fit about something but this time La Campbell has hit the nail very squarely on its dainty head. She's been complanining about black models, especially those with darker skin being consistently marginalised by the fashion industry.

As London Fashion Week drew to a close, Carole White, co-founder of Premier Model Management, admitted that finding work for black models is much harder than for white models because magazines and fashion designers don't want to hire them.

"Sadly we are in the business where you stock your shelves with what sells," she said.

"According to the magazines, black models don't sell," White continued. "People don't tend to talk about it, but black models have to be so beautiful and perfect because we can't have a lot of diversity with black models; it's harder work for the agency because there's not so much on offer. White models can have more diversity."

Ms White pointed the finger at those organising model castings, adding: "We have had casting briefs which say 'no ethnics'. But we are better in London than Paris and Milan; there if you offer a black girl they will drop the book like it's hot; it's such hard work for the bookers."

Her comments will reopen one of the most sensitive debates within the fashion industry, where the presence of racism has been a cause of fierce resentment in the past. After a brief golden age in the Eighties and Nineties, Ms White's analysis suggests that fashion show designers and the industry media have regressed to an earlier, more blinkered approach. Naomi Campbell has been particularly critical of the trend, at one point threatening to set up a model agency for black women.

While the director of the Storm agency, Simon Chambers, recently denied the number of high-profile ethnic minority models was diminishing, he said the move towards racial diversity "is not happening quite as fast as predicted".

Ms White said the lack of ethnical-minority models was partly due to a lack of courage in catwalk shows on the part of designers: "In the Eighties and Nineties, you had whole shows with black girls. Now each agency will have one, maybe four; the designers are not as brave."

The use of black models in catwalk shows and magazines tends to be limited to a handful of "big names". They include Campbell, the Ethiopian Liya Kebede and Alek Wek, who is Sudanese.

Ms Campbell, a former Premier model, said yesterday: "There is a lack of women of colour within the fashion industry which needs to be addressed. It is important for the agents, managers, advertisers and designers who are promoting change to speak out. We are not here to complain, we need to find a solution."

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who helped write a series of documentaries three years ago on the changing faces of beauty, said it was a misconception that black models were less versatile. He said: "The idea that black models can only be put in exotica or urban clothing is 15 to 20 years out of date. But if you look at four of the world's most famous black models – Campbell, Tyra Banks, Wek and Noemie Lenoir – they come from four countries, their looks are all different and they are all physically dissimilar. There's more diversity in those four than there are in all the models of Britain, Italy and Scandinavia put together."

Anyway I've put together together a bevy of some black beauties for us all to ogle over.

In fact....I'm a straight woman but oh my golly gosh, talking about black beauty check out the hotness is Neyo's new video 'Go On Girl'(Clue...its not Neyo).

Surely its criminal for Iman to still look this 50+? I'll have some of whatever she's drinking.

Liya Kebede. Somalian. Hot.

British 17 year old uber model Jourdan Dunn made history today by becoming the first black woman to grace the catwalk for Prada since Naomi Campbell did close 15 years ago. That CANNOT be true!

Chanel Iman (I don't know what her parents were thinking with that name...but lucky she's so pretty)

Jessica White.....HOT. She's been in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated...covered in just body paint. You can google that one yourselves! She's just been named a new face of Maybelline....and this pic is almost enough to make me go and buy everything on her face.

Joy Bryant. Yes I know she's more of an actress these days but she cut her teeth to stardom as a model.

Selita Ebanks. From the Cayman Island is one of Victoria Secret's Angels. HOT.

Noemie Lenoir is half French, half Madagascan. A very familiar face for those in the UK as she's one of the M&S faces...well she's pretty much the only face for their lingerie collections. She's a budding actress that had a role in Rush Hour 3 with a few more roles lined up.

Oluchi. She gets two pictures as she's Nigerian. She's the most successful Face of Africa to date and the true epitome of a real life rags to riches story.

See? That's why she gets two pics. That BOD. And its all real.

And of course, Tyra. With her iconic, 'first black chick on the cover' issue of Sports Illustrated. Now that's hot.

For more info on the race debate see

Faffing Around with MAC

I knew it had to happen eventually.

You know when you find something and you think its totally hot sh*t and you just know its only a matter of time before it blows up and becomes massive.

Ladies and gentlemen, its time to acquaint yourselves with Fafi.

The road to discovery to Fafi began with my adorable little cousin, who was about 8 at the time, drawing a picture for me. She's a bit of a cheeky one so when she said "Auntie Temi, I drew a picture of a cartoon character that reminded me of you"...I wasn't too sure what to expect. So I was bowled over when she gave me this....I believe she's a character from Sonic.

(Yup, this is her pic, I scanned it and kept it a copy on my computer ...the original is still on my fridge).

Then a year later, when the universe conspired to make opening the first Tiger Tem possible, I was looking for images I could use with the decor. I wanted a huge wall mural and at the time I was obsessed with getting a sexy, sophisticated, cute, fun character designed for Tiger Tem....

In the end the Mr came up with the genius idea of re-interpreting my logo with butterflies, instead of a cartoon character and thus my mural was born.

FYI, my logo is the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol, the Sankofa, which means "Wisdom in learning from the past, in building for the future". And you thought it was just a shallow pretty picture.

BUT, the research into cartoon characters took me to Jessica Rabbit, the Manga girls,
Jordi Labanda, and then Fafi.

And oh my, with Fafi it was love at first sight. I am a hardcore researcher and when I'm looking for something I dig really deep. I think it was about 4/5 years ago I discovered the Fafi French website when it was all still in French. The Fafinettes are sexy, cute, fun, defiant, striking, appealing, cheeky, imaginative and very provocative and I LOVED them. I'm not a huge cartoon character fan but there was something so grown up yet playful about the Fafinettes that really appealed to my girly nature. You know I was a Barbie fan as a kid and the Fafinettes are like the badasses that Barbie could never be. And 2008...Barbie seems a little faux in the wrong ways (I blame Playboy) so we needed something with a little more edge.

This little hottie is my all time favourite Fafinette.

Fafi does Colette.
Get your mind out of the gutter...As in Colette the store in Paris

Fafi is a French artist who started making a name for herself in Toulouse with her provocative, badass images of her Fly Girls. She worked with hip hop styled stereotypes and using their sex appeal to her advantage, she started to gain more and more attention. She's done a toy set for Sony; the Time Capsules Collection as well as numerous exhibitions and collaborations with Colette, Adidas, LeSportSac, Coco-Cola and she and her badass Fafinettes have graced the pages of almost every major magazine.

But the event that really seems to have set the Fafinettes firmly on the map was the imagery Fafi did for the Mark Ronson and Lily Allen video, 'Oh My God'. Remember that minx of a character in a green dress? Directed by Nima Nourizadeh but the character was Fafi's work.

And now Fafi has just done a collaboration with you know that means she's really mainstream as MAC don't waste their time (or cash). Its very anime inspired and with Gwen Stefani putting Harajuku Girls on the fashion map, the timing couldn't be better. Its all about a youthful, playful spirit which appeals to All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. These MAC people are pretty clever aren't they?

Take a look at the collection here.

They could have churned out a very drag queen collection but with clever use of sheer textures the colours are clear without being harsh, playful yet sophisticated and presented in pearlized effects with sheen and buildable textures. Which doesn't sound too scary.

Meet the MAC Fafinettes.

The colours of the actual makeup palette are a bit bright for me, I'm no make up aficionado...but I still love the concept. Love the dolls. And I love Fafi

And you know what? Maybe I'll find some budding artist who can create a character for Tiger Tem after all....Feel free to email any ideas to me!