Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Woman's Right To Shoes

I've noticed a very curious thing happening. Its been happening slowly but surely and then today it just hit me....I've fallen out of love with shoes. Don't get me wrong i still love shoes but I remember once upon a time I was obsessed with shoes and alas that manic all consuming love is no more. Maybe I've finally subconsciously accepted the fact that I really do have a lot of shoes....and there aren't many occasions or outfits I don't already possess the perfect shoe for. I have lots of great shoes. Top of my list are the superbly sexy Dolce & Gabbanas that were one of the best gifts ever. They silver, strappy, with a death and gravity defying heel. They kinda look simple from certain angles but I'm yet to wear them without being asked a million times where they're from.

I could buy a few pairs of shoes every year or I could just get one magnificent pair. But now I want the grand-daddy of all shoes. The shoe to trump all shoes. My dream shoes, the Christian Louboutin. I'd like to add I fell in love with Christian many, many, many moons ago, way before he became cool. I was in Paris and we stumbled upon this shoe shop and zut alors.....C'├ętait l'amour in a big way.

So that's another aim for this year. To drop some major moolah on some Christian Louboutins. Obviously the plan is one day to buy them by the dozens but as that day isn't today....I'll just have to make a choice.

When you dropping that kind of cash (don't do credit cards), you want something special, something that looks special and something ideally to cherish for a very long time.

Let's have a look at some of his greatest hits and you can all help me decide which ones are the Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It.

Here we go.....

Love the shape of these. And as much as I like pink, they are rather pink aren't they?

These are some seriously sexy shoes. Loving the lizard skin. Neutral colour which is good.Hmm, very strong contenders.

Hmm. Tres sexu but also tres gold. They look like something Beyonce would wear and we don't really have the same taste. To the left, to the left. Next!

Oooohhhhh. me likey. I love the colour, not a huge fan of patent but it works on these babies. My only slight reservation would be the strap. I'm not so keen on evening shoes with a strap. But they work on these....hmmm, another strong contender.

Very glamourous. Very old school Hollywood. I like these A LOT. Hmm, the more I look the more I like. And black and gold works with everything n'est pas?

But these look like the younger more fun, more attractive sister. I'm being swayed. These are some seriously cool badass shoes.

Holy moly....now we're talking. I LOVE these. The shape, the colour, the height. Oh my god...I think these might be The Ones.

But wait, never ever ever in my long legged life would I have thought I'd think grey leather could be sexy but damn. Loving these. And you see that sexy little slip of a peep toe. Oh my, its making me hot under the collar.

Hang on a second.....it might just be these. I think in my extensive collection I only have one pair of black shoes. Don't really do black accessories you see. Black clothes yes, but lets keep the accessories a tad more interesting ya? But I could efinitely be swayed by these.

Wa Wa Wee Wa! I don't often go for slingbacks but these are so damn sexy. And they're rather aptly called Architek....you hear that Architect? Would make a very happy birthday pressie....BUT the point is I'm supposed to buy them for myself. They're a bit more interesting than the basic pump shape, and that teeny peek of red at the front and oh my god look at the back!!!

How's a woman to choose?

NEWSFLASH: J-Lo's preggers with twins!


SET said...

For what its worth the classic black Christian Louboutins Pumps be the best choice. I am loving these choices and the fact the thes shoes are so lightweightmakes it even better,

shopliquorice said...

louboutins = l.o.v.e! saving for a pair myself. i want some classic suede pumps myself and will probably be able to afford them by 2020 :)

shopliquorice said...

i totally wrote 'myself' twice. lust can make one absentminded :)

p.s. i'm LOVING what i see on facebook! fantastic!!

Tiger Tem said...

@ SET.....I think I might possibly agree with you. I'll decide after 'closer' inspection.

@shopliquorice...thanks! And lets work our asses off and make it happen this year.

Ladi said...

I can only love them...buy them? When I land a six-digit ($) payer but thanks for the motivation.

Seems like Choos are out for 9ja women.

fums said...

I totally identify with your objective for this year...unlike you I am still a strung out shoe addict with no hope for redemption in the foreseeable future!!! I'm running out of closet space in my house to accommodate my obsession!!!
Anyways this year I've set my targets on Louboutin and Sergio Rossi...have to save like a bitch but I'm gonna do it. ;-)

PS. How'se a girl supposed to concentrate on work now with those delicious images floating in her mind...huh ????

Naija Chickito said...

I can see that you totally love peep toe shoes. For me, the best of the lot was the pink satiny ones with little roses on the top (not the first pink pair). They are truly sexy. Both babes and guys will appreciate them.

Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

@ naija..those are definitely in my top 3. I don't really do black shoes and while I can see these ones are more interesting than normal I still suspect I might feel a liitle odd in black shoes. Well, when i get a chance to spend hours trying them on...at least I know which ones I've got my eye on for this year!

Blog police said...

Go with the black sling back shoes... those are tres sexy, not as plain as the classic black pumps and can be worn with pretty much everything. chei... don't forget to pick me up a pair also:)

Girlie said...


Ill be back when am awake to leave a comment....NICE BLOG....GEEZ...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh soo many choices! I really like the black slingbacks...the back oozes sex! ha-ha...but the black and gold's are too cute ...AND the patent mary janes. Umm i guess im not helping,ha-ha Good luck! trust you will not regret it, i haven't regretted mine...:)

Tiger Tem said...

@ blog police...those could well be the winners.

@anon..which ones did you get?

Anonymous said...

i got the black patent Mary Janes...i LOOVE them! even when i dont wear them i prop them in the box on my shelf just so i can stare at them lol

Tiger Tem said...

@Anon...you're one step ahead of me with the shoes then. I'll race you for the Birkin!