Monday, February 4, 2008

Tiger Tem is a Lady Who Lunches...You?

Thought I'd start off the week on a style high. These days I'm feeling rather inspired by the fierce sexiness of the women on Cashmere Mafia.

2008 is the year to be stylish, strong, sexy and successful. What's not to love about that? It takes some effort yes, but nothing worth having comes easy. So suck it up and suck it in!

This outfit embodies the type of easy pulled together sophistication I aim for (ok, sometimes, not quite all the time).

The thing I love about this outfit is it works for so many different purposes. It works for work, especially if you have a high powered meeting with a big shot client. You just know people will sit up and listen if you're wearing an outfit like this.

Out on a would work, if you're going somewhere nice enough with someone nice enough. And you know what...if he wasn't taking you anywhere nice, he will once he sees you in this outfit!

I know if I saw a woman wearing this in my vicinity I'd make a mental note to re-work it my own way. No shame in copying a look, just make it yours. Fashion is what's on offer, style is a personal choice.

The Coat - Miu Miu (
This is my definition of an investment coat. It works well for work and for play. A coat this damn gorgeous would look great thrown on over a pair of jeans, or a skirt, or a different name it, it works.

If you're reading this in Nigeria or any other hot place, the coat won't be necessary but it was just too cute to leave out. It definitely finishes off the outfit.

The Dress - Tibi (
Navy blue has slowly but surely crept up in my fashion radar. I always thought of it as a very conservative mumsy colour but its a softer alternative to black. Its a rich colour and looks expensive, especially with those gold buttons. The buttons make this dress a more work-ish look but if you threw on a couple of long draped necklaces it would soften the look enough to work in the evening.

The Shoes - Christian Louboutin (
The shoes, the shoes? its gotta be the shoes. I LOVE these shoes. The colour, the shape, the skinny, sexy, stiletto heel. Comfort? Just sit tight and bask in your aura of splendour...and inspire others to follow suit.

My regular readers know if I was ever given free rein in any shop, it would have to be Christian Louboutin and I would totally rape the shelves. He's a gay trapeze artist when he's not designing no joy for him.

The Ring - Tiger Tem
I love a good cocktail ring so I always make sure we have a good supply at Tiger Tem. Go on, off you go...22 Musa Yaradua, Off Idowu Martins, VI, Lagos.

The Bag - Michael Kors (
Hmm, me and leopard print. Love it or hate it...and quite clearly I love it. Done wrong it looks cheap and nasty, done right it looks super sexy in that sophisticated jetsetter elite way. Choose carefully. I love this bag as I think it makes the whole outfit a lot sexier, which is what animal print is supposed to do n'est pas?

The Sunglasses - Tiger Tem
The Cleopatra sunglasses will be in the store a couple of days before Valentine's. Along with lots of new and infinitely exciting things. See you there!



Naija Chickito said...

Real nice get up.

Ladi said...

I love the shoes. I got a similar "cheaper" pair in wedge-heels from payless shoesource

Tiger Tem said...

Thanks. Wanted to try something new for the page. Interestingly enough, this outfit started with the shoes. It was love at first sight!

Anonymous said...

that outfit looks hot!
hey does tiger tem make the stuff it sells?

Tiger Tem said...

I make the handbags. I started out making them with my own two hands but quickly realised that's very time consuming and not particularly cost effective. The other things like the jewellery and sunglasses are sourced from a fantastic and diverse range of suppliers.