Friday, February 8, 2008

Its the Weekend...time to pop your collar!

I have a white shirt that I absolutely love. Everyone who has seen my white shirt loves my white shirt. If anyone ever messes with my white shirt, I will suffocate them with a plastic bag as they don’t make my white shirt anymore. And I love my white shirt.

So now that we’ve cleared that up here’s an easy Friday outfit... Sometimes getting ready can be a really arduous task. Especially when you don't really know where the day or evening will take you. that's why I'm feeling this outfit. There is something so easy and sexy about a simple white shirt and jeans. Don’t believe me? Try it You can wear it to work and then drop a button and hit the town. Or it works for brunch, lunch or a relaxed dinner...and drinks too.

This outfit works as the fitted shirt, TopShop skinny jeans and hidden platform heels create a long lean look (which is usually what we’re after) and the best bit is its so damn easy. The pink Miu Miu cardi with the belt is cute but sexy, adds a little va-va voom and really pulls the outfit together. take a look at the detail at the back of the cardi....not for kids. If pink is a little too girlie for you, try black. the monochrome palette always looks hot.

The bracelets are from one of my jewellery favourites Kenneth Jay Lane. Some how for a wrinkly old man, he just seems to know what young women want with interesting and fun jewellery. He's the one that started that whole fruit trend with the necklaces.

The stunnas are from Tiger Tem, love them and yes I have a pair. They've been on heavy rotation for ages as they're just so damn hot!

That bag, J’adore that bag. Its by a hot Californian brand called GoldenBleu. VERY exciting news about that…will come to that later.

The shoes, yes they're Louboutins. I ain't no fairweather friend...when I said I loved Louboutin I meant it.

I'll leave you with the words of the great poet U.S.H.E.R. R.A.Y.M.O.N.D.
"If you work hard, play hard
You do what you wanna' doooo
Just pop your collar
and don't let what people say bother you"

Have a good one and if you can't be good, have fun being bad.


Bella Naija said...

Seriously, my eyes popped when I saw the photo above!
I need an outfit for my activities ths weekend and I am soooo going to recreate this look.

Frances Uku said...

always Young, Black & Fabulous cuz - i loves it and loves you xx

SET said...

Kenneth Jay Lane makes the best bangles, love these pieces. I wish I was going out this weekend. LOL

Ladi said...


I want me some bracelets pulease! said...

babe u know those blinging braclets uve got on ur oda blog? I want me sum, well all actually,cud u hook a sister up. Lemme know how much they cost and if i can get some1 to pick em up 4me aiight? Hit me up on gmail,! Thanx

Tiger Tem said...

@ bella rock on with your bad self!

@frances...That's what I'm aiming for! Thanks hun.

@SET...KJL is one of my favourites


Stephanie said...

Nicely put together outfit..You never ever go wrong with a white shirt,its not fashionably possible.And those Louboutins are sinful!He's the best thing that happened to women after Manolos'...

Anonymous said...

in the infamous words of mizz hilton, thats hot!