Thursday, February 28, 2008

Its All About The Shoes

I always love the turn of the fashion season. Usually after we've gotten bored of the increasingly monotonous red carpet events...they give us the good stuff that is the Spring/Summer collections.

A few trends I've noticed and I'm loving are the bold bright candy coloured hues, the safari inspired clothes and er, gold. I used to hate gold accessories but now I love them so that works for me too.

Shoes - United Nude
I'm in love with their shoes. I think I'm going to get these. They're so unusual aren't they?

Earrings - Roberta Chiarella
Fabulous. And I'm very pleased to be their first African stockist.

Bag - GoldenBleu
Soon to be found in a Tiger Tem near you....LOVE IT!

Sunglasses - Tiger Tem
The rather sexy Carrie's are just so cute when they're worn. If I was really greedy, I'd keep them for myself.

Ring - Tiger Tem
Yep, I keep using this ring because I love it, I have it and I really do wear it all the time.

Dress - Old Navy
Check them out as they have the BEST safari inspired collection I've seen on the high street.

Speaking of sooo have to buy these shoes!

Women: Women's Canvas Wedges - Red

Women: Women's Canvas Wedges - Red

They're a "shoe-in" to become the season's most stylish footwear! Sturdy washed canvas and strappy details give the upper a sizzling tropic vibe, while the stacked wooden wedge keeps you standing tall. - Criss-cross adjustable straps with faux-leather trim Rounded toe 4" stacked wooden wedge Textured outsole

$35? Is that a joke (I'm used to pounds ...or as my friend Renaissance Man said, the only currency so hard it has a surname - sterling). They come in this divine bordeaux, khaki and black....oh, I'm getting distracted. Seen shoes, must buy...ciao!



Nice ensemble!I especially like the fushia!Oldnavy does have some nice stuff for spring.I love their tank tops,nice feel to the fabric.Keep giving us your fab fashion updates and the champagne shower earrings are HOT!

Uzo said...

I dont like these shoes...I guess i have never been much of a wegde heel girl...

But the outfit you have up there except the shoes (considering i love shoes, i cant believe none of these 2 do it for me) is so hot. And thats my bag up there too...

2hot4fendi said...

Love old Navy's Safari inspired collection!!!
Each time the ad runs on TV it's confirmed, love it, love it, love it!!!
Unfortunately, they have run out of the rompers I craved (my size & the deliciously wicked red I sought) keepin my fingers crossed though, I just might stumble on it on some random visit to Old Navy...

Tiger Tem said...

@ Stephanie..will do my best with the fashion updates, glad you like them.

@Uzo..yeah, these shoes are definitely love or hate. I always feel a bit of a duty with Tiger Bites to show some left of centre items. When I started at ThisDay I was given a strong brief to focus on the high end designers....but I found that boring as that's what everyone does. So I'll do a little research and find more interesting things from the lesser known designers. I love the look of these shoes...but I'd have to try them on to know if I would/could wear them.

And yes that's YOUR bag.

@2hot4Fendi....check online. The retail websites often carry much more inventory than the stores...and last time I checked they had a sale on their site.