Friday, February 22, 2008

TIGER'S DAILY BITE #3 - Babies I Love You!

J-Lo has given birth to a twin boy and girl.

Must be a relief as she's been looking ready to pop for weeks. I like them, they're a really cute couple and it seems she finally found the guy she was always looking for.

No names as yet but you're all welcome to start guessing.

They might go for something really weird like Apple, but I think these two are actually quite traditional. I'll put my money on Latin names.

Gisella and Gabriel

Marcela and Marcelo

No we need something a bit more gangster for these two real life Scarface looking couple.

Estrella and Escobar.

(I'm sure Sean, Christopher and Ben won't be coming up as names though!)

AND apparently Jessica Alba's expecting twins....what's in the water all these people drink?!

Have a great weekend and as always if you can't be good, have fun being bad.


stephanie said...

Estrella and Escobar...Lol.I think them stars having twins has to do with the fertility drugs they take.Yea...they are a more traditional couple so i dont think they'll be naming their kids Brooklyn or Kingston or Apple.

Naija Chickito said...

I'm blank on this one. Will just wait to hear what the children will be called.

...Plus, you inspire me, big time. Seriously considering following some dreams like that...

Kira Fashion said...


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Renaissance Man said...

Will someone put this COW out-of-her misery. There is nothing duller than the pair of them.

as Missy said on Gossip Folks: "I can't stand the bitch noways....."

Nuff said!

Tiger Tem said...

@stephanie...they're good names though!

@Naija...glad to hear i inspire you. Send me an email and lets chat about these dreams you have!

@Kira...LOVE Brazil, love it. One of my favourite countries in the world.

@RM...never one to mince your words are you! LMFAO! A little overexposed I agree...

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

can't wait to see jlo's babies!!

Uzo said...

Can i have some of that water as i want 2 babies so i can just end the chapter one time

JLO used fertility drugs so i am happy for her and Marc and she seems to have finally found her peace....I can see her just withdrawing from showbiz to concentrate on her family...She seems like this is what she has always wanted...

Jessica Alba - not sure if she used fertility pills but hey....

Anonymous said...

Ok now,
word's out and the couple settled 4 Max & Emme.
Is it just me or does anyone else find that a tad BORING??? yawn...

Tiger Tem said...

@Anon...thanks for that. I hadn't heard yet. You're right. How shockingly ordinary. But I do love the name Max.