Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tiger Digs Deep

Today is Nigeri'a Independence Day. Which I must confess would normally go unnoticed but there are two topics regarding Nigeria that are hotting up on the news.

1. The issue of Nigerians calling for a boycott of British Airways (yeah I read about this after my rant about them last week).

It seems the story has been in circulation for a while but must have missed it. Here's the link but I'll discuss this another day.

But the story that caught my eye today is about a consortium of Nigerian entrepreneurs that are putting in a bid to buy Newcastle FC.

Chris Nathaniel, a London-based businessman who runs football and entertainment consultancy NVA Management, said four Nigerian entrepreneurs were ready to put up the cash to buy the club and that their bid was being finalised.

"We're at the stage now where our end are doing the relevant security checks on the individuals who have the money," Nathaniel, who is coordinating the bid, told Reuters.

"We have a lawyer here who is doing those checks before finally submitting a bid to Newcastle," he said by telephone.

Nigerian media reports have said the consortium -- whose members remain a closely guarded secret -- have come up with 350 million pounds ($645 million) so far but want to find an additional 100-150 million to secure the deal.

Nathaniel said that until the British lawyers had finalised their checks and drawn up the paperwork, it was difficult to say exactly how much money had been put forward.

"We don't know is the honest answer. We're not going to know that until it's lodged with the lawyers here," he said.

"I've been told the money is there in Nigeria but I need to see evidence of it here before we can present it to the club."

I've just been reading about this, and reading people's responses to the topic. The general consensus seems very mixed.

So over to you reader.

Share your thoughts.


Cheetarah said...

I read this story on yahoo, and the comments killed me,lol! I THINK that if its kosher why the hell not, after all rich arabs and europeans buy football clubs anyday, but WHY NEWCASTLE?

As to the BA boycott.. for me im not being unpatriotic but im checking my options, my ticket for christmas cost atleast 30percent less with BA. Virgin Nigeria was 20pounds cheaper but when I added my cab fare it reached. Also I have personally never had any problems with them,I disagree with what they did and feel that our government didnt take a strong enuff stand but right now it suits me pocket. I have howeva been stopped from flying another airline coz they didnt recognize my visa, I prepared to sue and they gave me back my money with an apology, but I wont be flying them again.

I think the issue is alot bigger,Its not just BA..Nigerians get issues everywea, visas,work, banks! What is needed is respect for our nationality. I am Nigerian and you must learn to respect that, I work internationally and Im always at airports, my passport gets swiped thru STLD.Usually the hostility fades when i show them my ID.It is irritating but I have learnt to bite my tongue at immigrations.
I want a tshirt that says ' IM NIGERIAN, RESPECT THAT!'
Whasup girl, happy independence day!

Tiger Tem said...

@Cheetarah...its a deviation from my normal topics but I decided to post it here after reading the comments too. I hear your point on the ticket prices with BA but Nigerians need unity in opposition. that' why we always fail to stand up against anything, there's no unity. Please fly Virgin instead!!!! Virgin works out better with the airmiles a well so you're actually saving money in the long run.

I think the small percentage that give Nigerians a bad name need to learn to earn respect you need to give respect. There will always be the odd rude person but in general, if you carry yourself as a person not to be messed with, you're less likely to be messed with.

Uzo said...

Hmm....The BA thing is so on point. I havent flown BA for years since they lost my imac and treated me like crap over it and decided it was only worth 250GBP which i still havent seen....

The consortium is interesting...I have a few guesses for the people behind it...Its a free world and people can choose to put their money wherever they choose....