Saturday, January 19, 2008

M.I.M.S.....Music Is My Saviour

Music Is My Saviour. That's what his name stands for in case you didn't know.

I'm not as dramatic as to call music my Saviour but I love it and can't live without it. Seriously. My house is never quiet. My world is never quiet. The world's a much more fun place when I witness it with my soundtrack.

Anyway after posting that Snoop video and seeing the surprise a few of you expressed at my taste in music (!) here's my Top 10 Most Played songs on iTunes and my Top 10 songs I play every day right now.

Top 10 Most Played on iTunes
1. I Wanna Love You - Akon & Snoop
(Even I wouldn't have guessed that song would come out on top)

2. Superman - Robin Thicke
(Well I am his Lois Lane after all ;)

3. Fade - Solu Music - Hed Kandi 2006
(Love it, love it, love it this is what I call happy music)

4. Drop The Pressure - Mylo
(STILL love this song)

5. I'm In Luv With A Stripper Remix- T-Pain
(What was that we were saying about strip joints?....the beat, the beat, I love this it a sample? Sounds kinda like Computer Love...and R.Kelly is a friggin comedian, listen to his verse!)

6. Holiday - Madonna
(If you were at Goggle's bday do...nuff said)

7. Writers Block - Just Jack
(British it, love his accent on here, sounds a lot like The Streets)

8. Driving Me Wild - Common & Lily Allen
(Love the beat, the melody and those lyrics!)

9. Juicy - Biggie
(One of the best songs ever...I really agree with Jay-Z or whoever called him the greatest rapper alive)

10. Something About Us - Daft Punk
(Loved Daft Punk for years... way before Kanye found them)

and joint at 10 is Buena Vista Social Club - that song is an ANTHEM!

Top 10 Most Played Right Now
1. Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna
(Not a fan especially after she blew up with that ella 'ella nonsense but love this cheesefest of a song)

2. Sexual Eruption - Snoop
(Eruption is the uncensored version of Seduction..."I'm gonna take my time, she's gonna get hers before I, I'm gonna take it slow, I'm not gonna rush the stroke"...what did you think he was talking about?)

3. Mr Me Too - Clipse
(The life and times of all the big kahunas in Lagos. What was that? You too?)

4. I Want You - Common
(How hot is Alicia in this video and more to the point how hot is Common! and er, how possessed is Kerry?)

5. The Donkey Song - Will I Am & Snoop
(The MJ sample is so fabulously used took us ages to work out it was Beat It)

6. Heartbreaker - Will I Am
(Yep, just got his album...obviously as he's on this list so many times. My he's come a long way since Joints & Jams hasn't he?)

7. Hot Thing Remix - Talib Kweli
(Cos I am? he he.....never even liked a Talib Kweli song before so I'll give the props to NeYo for this one)

8. Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr
(LOVE THIS!!! that beat, its the beat)

9. If I Ever Recover - Basement Jaxx
(Love the electronic-ness of this song)

10. Wanna Be Startin Something 2008 - Will I Am & Akon
(LOVE this song, if you told me I'd like an Akon cover of an MJ song I'd have laughed in your face...eating my words)

The big surprise for me is I'm not an Akon fan yet his name pops up on my list most frequently (on production as well). Seems like a prat but met him in the lounge and as unexcited as I was, he sat opposite me and my mum and he was very nice. Highly entertaining. Even my mum thought so. Even though she called him Acorns.


Music Child said...
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Music Child said...

It was all a dream I usta read word up magazine, salt n peppa heavy D up in the limosine!
Yes Oh Juicy is a classic!
I dont think Big was the greatest, doe but hez in the top 5 for me sha, people like Dre(even doe he sold out) Slick Rick,Eightball, The Lost Boys, Easy E... so many fallen soliders!girl I cud go on and on! I feel a rap post!

lol@Arcons.. after he went to calabar my friend started calling him Okon!
Wow, the dream isnt on ur list? Shawty is a 10? Girl look for that!
Nice one!


Tiger Tem said...

@ music child...getting it now. Ah, heard this before. Thanks. Didn't know who it was by.

Uzo said... me being a pretty good judge of people....Robin Thicke ( i adore that song), Lily Allen i figured u would like...but Tpain (and that remix is too hot for words)and Snoop? What?

Interesting...Might just do this...

Uzo said...

Acorns? He He He

Tiger Tem said...

That's why I did this post. I figured there would be some surprises in there.

What's wrong with Snoop? Why is everyone so surprised by Snoop?!

Oyinkan said...

I like that 'superman' song, heard it on 'so you think you can dance'. Actually, this has inspired me to make my own playlist :-)

Tiger Tem said...

@ oyinkan...its either superman or teach you a lesson that's my favourite from that album. Love both.

Superman's lyrics are just soooooo....fantastic!

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