Friday, January 18, 2008

That Extra Half an Inch (Or 3)

Ladies, just saw this pic and had to share.

Amazing what a difference a few inches can make isn't it. I think Kerry looks fab and the other Fergie/Carmen hybrid looks like a tramp (upon closer inspection I think its Carmen).

p.s. Is it just me or is Kerry Washington uberstylish? Me likey.


Uzo said...

Yes Kerry Washington is totally amazing and has been working the style game for the past few months...

Hotness indeed

Bobo said...

I never understand how 2 celebs get caught in the same outfit. As a PR practitioner, part of our job is to monitor - press clipings, mentionings etc.

Surely, stylists should practice the same code of conduct. These incidents just shows celebs up half the time.

No woman can compete with long legs. Which is a shame as Keira is banging. Mind you, she look demonic in the new Common video

Tiger Tem said...

@ Bobs...when you're done on the course lets have a chat about Tiger Tem!

Its funny cos Kerry directed that Common video (are the together?) and you're right she looks completely nuts, meanwhile Alicia Keys looks amazing!