Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger...UPDATE

Pneumonia has been ruled out as the cause of death of Heath Ledger.

The NYPD confirmed, and then later retracted, that Ledger had died in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment. Her rep has also denied the report.

Police discovered what they believe to be illegal drugs at his apartment.

His death may not have been a suicide, but drugs - not just sleeping pills - more likely than not also played a part in the untimely passing of Heath Ledger.

WCBS in New York is reporting that drug packets were found inside the actor's SoHo Apartment, as well as a $20 bill with narcotic residue.

Several drug packets containing an unknown substance were found listed on the official police report from the scene.

It is possible that these items didn't belong to Ledger or that he didn't ingest them on the day of his death, but several reports have stated that Heath had been battling sobriety recently.

In addition to the unknown substances, several bottles of prescription meds were discovered in Ledger's apartment, including bottles of the prescription anxiety drugs Valium and Zoloft, along with the prescription sleeping medication Ambien.

The actor's daughter, Matilda, is on her way back to New York with mom Michelle Williams, who had been filming in Sweden and is said to be "in her own world" right now.

Ledger's ex-girlfriend, Naomi Watts, has cancelled all her media appearances. The Australian actress was at Sundance to promote a new film.

Production on Heath's most recent film, the Terri Gilliam-directed The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, has been shut down.

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