Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Love Is....Very Sexy

Yep, now I'm in the commercial arena, holidays and non-holiday i.e. marketing opportunities have taken on a whole new meaning. Never cared much for Valentine's day before but now I LOVE it! Its so much fun planning the perfect gift box that's going to make the recipient's face light up at the sight of it. And as we all know, once the girls are happy, the boys are happy, he, he, he.

I'm in full on Valentine's mode now. Last year we did a pretty good job, most of the guys came back with messages of how well received the gifts were. I realised pretty quickly most guys don't know what to get, how to package it and they certainly don't plan in advance! So the fun part was getting the guy to describe his girl and we'd put together the perfect gift box.

Rule number 1 for gift giving is packaging. Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur are pros with the packaging so come Valentine's I always look to them for inspiration. And can someone tell me how AP do these fantastic double bows!!!!

The packaging and presentation makes a world of difference to the gift. Think about it, no matter how big or small the gift, its so much better with great packaging. So we had these great gift boxes and everything inside was wrapped in pink. All looked very cute.

The boxes last year were black with a big bright pink bow or silver with a pale pink bow. I loved them, the women loved them, the men loved them. But you know me, onwards and upwards so trying to decide on boxes for this year.

There's a standard box and a deluxe box so I need two different colours. The colours need to be somewhat in line with Tiger Tem. It needs to look sexy, fun and a little flirty.

Here are some great pics. Which do you like the most.....

I just love a sexy black box. But with a fuchsia bow or maybe a deep sexy purple?

Red. Its a tad obvious and a little boring isn't it? But then again with a big black bow...could look a little more interesting.

This was our event invitation and my favourite box. The silver with the fuchsia bow. We could try a purple bow...but somehow I think the fuchsia works better.

As much as I like the brown and pink combo....this just looks like a fancy box of chocolates...but actually, maybe that works.

Maybe a chocolate brown with a bright pink bow works better...

p.s. and while you're at it what would be in your dream (realistic please!) box?


ladi said...

Fab ideas!

You could just buy a variety of boxes and ribbons and have the customer mix and match the packaging presentation.

I'm sure there's books (in craft stores or online) on how to knot, do bows and all of that cute stuff.

Tiger Tem said...

@ Ladi - That is a good idea and the thought did cross my mind. But I'd like to keep something of the Tiger Tem signature there. I'll keep thinking.

Meanwhile, what would be in your dream box?

Uzo said...

Hmm...I love the silver with fushia, the dark chocolate with rich goold ribbons maybe? and i love the idea of a red box with a black bow - a little naughty...

In my dream box - the traditional stuff but with a theme - so you could have themed boxes

So imagine a Set the Mood right box - scented candles, napkins and napkin rings, quality chocolate for dessert, a cd with jazz...you get the idea

Maybe a Naughty but Nice box - lingerie, decadent body oils, shower gels, vamp red nail polish....

Then a For my friend box - a teddy bear, a nice book - like a coffee table book with loads of pictures, a picture frame

You get the idea right?

Tiger Tem said...

@ uzo...wow, that's a brilliant idea! Love it. What's your day job?...

Uzo said...

LOL....Management consultant

Stephanie said...

I'm loving the silver and fuschia for the Tiger Tem theme/signature.Love your blog.

It rocks!