Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What A Waist

Patricia Field is a certified trend setter and now that I’ve had the pleasure of watching my 4th episode of Cashmere Mafia, I can definitely say if the belt was big before…this season its gonna get HUGE.

The waist cinching belt has an uncanny ability to create an hourglass figure on anyone. Wide, skinny, bright and bold. Its all about the waist.

Go wide if you’re wider and narrower ones work better on slimmer frames.

For daytime, I think the more neutral coloured belts work best. But if you want a little more oomph, choose something with texture like one of those fabulous woven belts that we all see everywhere...just pick the right colour with a cuter than standard buckle to set up apart in the style stakes. Or choose one of the more muted metallics.

They look fabulous worn with a simple shift dress, over a nice shirt...but one of my current favourite looks is over a cute tank and cardigan. So simple, so stylish and so damn sexy in that pulled together way...which is what we're all about this season ladies.By night, take it up a notch, bring on the bling, its the shimmery sparkly details that make an evening outfit pack that punch. If your belt is blinging like the Diddy, just make sure you take it easy on the rest of your accessories. I love my accessories as you know and the biggest fashion crime in my eyes is to over accessorise....you know who you are.

In the meantime lets take some style tips from a bevy of beauties who totally have their finger on the fashion pulse.

This dark brown two tone croc leather belt from Tiger Tem is a perfect day time belt.

Love this belt from Tiger Tem and yes that's me wearing it. Its on my hips but the girl that bought it strapped it round her waist and looked fierce.

This one went too. A very prominent figure in Lagos society. Love her style, she keeps its young and fresh by coming into places like Tiger Tem (she calls us her best kept secret). And she's got some a badass figure this belt looked fabulous on her.

I'm so in love with this belt. Its by a brand called Elegantly Waisted and they do a wide range of colours and widths...and they're all obi style belts. Love them!

This is Kathleen from America's Next Top Model. Looking unbelievably hot. Can you see how having the belt around her waist makes her body look like an hourglass....and make her legs look even longer.

This is a runway pic from J-Lo's proper line Sweetface. I'm loving the so-damn-sexy-effect the wide cream belt has on this dress. I think I'll try that one.

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. The dress, the yellow belt, the orange shoes. Normally a colour combo fit for a 2 year old but she's totally working the look and I love it! Anyone know who the dress is by?

Funnily enough I was asked who I'd want to play me in a film of my life and yep Thandie was my numero uno choice. Love her. And can you see how she's wearing a totally boring black dress with a rather dull brown belt and some non descript black shoes....yet she makes it look AMAZING. less is more ladies, less is more.

Rachel Bilson is probably my favourite Hollywood Hottie. She manages to look utterly fabulous without ever looking like she's tried too hard. See how that black belt ups the style stakes?

This is a pretty old pic of Vicky B but I'm loving the simplicity of the dress and how the two tone belt makes it a stellar outfit.

Everyone's favourite rocker. I think I'd be arrested if I went out wearing this but she looks fab. And for me this outfit is all about that belt. Can you see how it takes it from fabulous to abso-friggin-fabulous?

Don't know about you, but I'm off belt shopping.



stephanie said...

Nice piece on the belts...Never really thought about belts as such a great accessory,which results in my not having as many as i should.After reading this piece,will look into belts more.Plus,the pics are inspiring!

Ladi said...

Great Pics

I thot belts were OUT...Thank God! am diggin' mine all out and maybe shop for a few more.

its time to get WAISTED!!

Oyinkan said...

Oh no...you've set me off again, now im gonna have to do some shopping now! I have a really nice croc skin waist belt but looking at these makes me want more!

Btw check out my new entry, i found this gorgeous belt that reminds me of something i would see in Tigertem.

Tiger Tem said...

@ stephanie...I know what you mean. I tend to wear my belts on my hips but all these pics, the women look so fabulous, I've been convinced to change!

@ladi...belts are HUGE! Don;t let anyone tell you they're out. Have fun getting waisted ;).

@oyinkan...he he he. Well shopping's fun and can be good exercise too!

just read your's...nice piece.

Uzo said...

Ah Belts...Have a love hate relationship with them...but i think some of them are pretty cool..I especially love obi style belts...