Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pashmina Mafia

I'm a huge pashmina fan so I couldn't care less how many times Vogue says they're in or out. After being relegated to fashion Siberia for far too long (still rocked the hell out of mine) I've noticed they seem to be coming back with a vengeance!

Me and my girls are the Pashmina Mafia because we all love them unconditionally and my BFF is one of the only people who I suspect has more pashminas than me! You know who you your holiday pics you're wearing a different one in every pic!
Every now and then (more often than I like to admit) something catches my eye and its a Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It moment. From that moment I'm on a frenzied mission to find my object of attention. When I saw this pic of SJP on Popsugar with this leopard print pash...I just knew I had to have one.

I can breathe now as I've found one. Well 5 actually.

Obsessive? Moi?

Truth is I loved them so much I decided to get a few extra for Tiger Tem.

Here are my many reasons why I love my pashminas.

1. There's a big difference between a proper pashmina and the cheap cack they sell in bayswater. the real ones are light as air, soft as a feather and so warm its incredible and they don't crease. 100% pashmina costs a fortune so find a pashmina blend.

2. They are my staple flying companions...the blanket covers my bottom half and my pashmina covers my top half and I'm snug as a bug.

3. I forgot my pashmina in a friend's car once and you would have thought it was my wallet the way I hassled the hell out of them to get it back (and I probably have about 10 but that one was my flying pashmina and I was jetting off a couple of days later!)

4. I have 10 because I've bought them in the Middle East and India. You can get great pashmina blends (with a very high pashmina content - its best blended with cashmere) for a great price in the most fantastic colours and prints. I love my fuchsia, the baby pink, the turquoise, the damson, the coral, the giant violet (perfect for flying - its huge), the sparkly pink (which truth me told looks very Arabian princess which is rarely the look I'm going for so as much as I love it, it usually gets usurped) and my boho red which has a fabulous boho type print with delicate beading. Hmm, that's only 8, I know I'm forgetting a couple somewhere. Oh yes, my beige one and my black one, too dry for me so I never use them (they were gifts)

5. They're the perfect scarf....and they don't mess with your hair! Seriously. My hairdresser told me pashminas are a lot kinder on the hair and don't cause as much breakage as regular wool scarves.

6. When you get to that restaurant/bar/club whatever when you take off your coat, if its still a little chilly, keep your pashmina with you.

7. I love the way a pashmina adds a bold jolt of colour/print to your it by day or by night.

8. Maybe I'll re-open a pashmina section in Tiger Tem. Pashminas are perfect in Lagos with all that supersonic air conditioning that always freezes my butt off! (Actually I had a pashmina section when I first opened Tiger Tem so maybe I'll just do it again)

And to finish are a few pics of celebs and their pashminas.

Love Rachel's style a little more every day. She gets that sexy-casual-stylish look right all the time!

Not much of a Mischa fan but her red boho pashmina looks suspiciously like mine.

Viva La Pashmina!


Ladi said...

I love Pashminas: both blends and "imitations." It's probably the Northern influence on me.

But where do you buy yours?

Tiger Tem said...

India and Dubai. That's where I got the ones for Tiger Tem too. Good quality at a good price, well certainly beats the UK anyway!

BTW, if any of you really like these leopard print ones I could send them to you and re-order for the Boutique!

Gozi said...

I have a true love for pashmina's as you well know...I think I most own at least 20 in different colours, blends etc. I went to Dubai recently and yes you guessed it - was in pashmina heaven!

As far as the leopard print one goes, please can I order one as I feel its a must for my wardrobe!

People, as Tiger says, pashmina's are wicked and I have to say they serve as a staple to my wardrobe - I wear one everyday even in hot countries...LONG LIVE THE PASHMINA! Yeah I said it!!!

Tiger Tem said...

@ Gozi...I know, the pashminas in Dubi are fantastic! That's where I got my favourites. But I think my leopard print number is my new favourite.

And come to think of it I can't remember the last time I saw you sans pashmina.

Anonymous said...

Came in for the first time over Xmas. Great boutique. Was impressed by the look of the place and the stuff you carry. Loving the blog too....I WANT that leopard print pashmina! Can you send to the UK?

Uzo said...

Wow! I love, love pashminas. I have more than 10...LOL...Thanks to my trip to India and Dubai last year...But like everyone else, i am loving the leopard wanty 1....