Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tiger Tem Part Deux

Going back to the topic of decor and interiors. Its not a new found love for one reader pointed out, I'm obsessed with aesthetics.

Anyway, trawling through my Xmas picture archives as a new mag wants some for a feature article....(tooting my own horn!)....and I found this rather fabulous picture.

I hadn't really thought much about adding butterflies to the decor as I feel that's been really done by Tiger Tem. I was thinking about playing it down a lot more when a reader pointed out that the butterfly thing is definitely part of the Tiger Tem style, so I'll just have to find a more interesting way of using them next time.

The second everyone else starts doing something it puts me off and while butterflies aren't new, I must admit to seeing lots of butterflies popping up everywhere in Lagos, but they're such a universal girlie symbol I can't claim anybody is copying me! Well perhaps the recentTiffany Amber store window display in the palms was 'inspired' by Tiger Tem. Seen it? My mum and I did a massive double take at the same time! But no sweat, I'm flattered. I love Tiffany Amber and she shops at Tiger Tem all the time.


ladi said...

If the butterfly become a problem, you have the Tiger to run to. You've basically copyrighted it too. Just make it less wild more fem! lol!

Do you have pictures of the new Tiffany Amber store?

Tiger Tem said...

The Tiger has been suggested before but I've always thought the big cats are soooo, hmm, Italian lothario. But making it more feminine and pretty is a very good idea. I'll see what I can do.

No pics of Tiffany Amber but its is fab window display.

Uzo said...

I love butterflies too...and yes i agree they are becoming overdone but it could still work for you...

If you want to investigate the tiger option - look into white tigers - unique, beautiful, powerful.....some of the pictures are amazing...


And do you know if Tiffany Amber makes outfits still...instead of ready to wear, could she make something for me?

Tiger Tem said...

@ Uzo, I think I'll be sticking with the butterflies as a fellow blogger pointed out they are a key part of the Tiger Tem signature style. And once you start developing that, its best to stick with it. And I think I'll get some Tiger print on the interior instead.

Love white Tigers, love your description more...its everything I aim to be with Tiger Tem. I actually saw Sigfried and Roy's famous Tiger with them... before it decided to bite!

I'm not sure if Folake still does bespoke orders, she's so busy now. Her stuff is great and she just launched her couture line Folake Folarin so I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like.