Friday, January 18, 2008

The He-She is Back...and More Fierce Than Ever

Don't know how he does it.

Unless, ok, even if, he spends 8 hours in hair and make up.

RuPaul is back and looking more fabulous than ever. Scary really.

The hair (aside from the colour), the make up, the skin, even the bod!

I know the picture has been airbrushed to infinity but still, looks good.


Naija Chickito said...

Ok, this person is creepy.I think I've seen him/her as both male and female at different times,but I never did get it. Is he gay or what? Why is he interested in looking like a woman? Them, for that side dey kolo o!

Uzo said...

LOL...Confession here...I am freaked out...scratch that scared out of my senses by RuPaul...Too much for me...But He/She looks good and the corseting makes me so so envious....

Cheetarah said...

Ru paul is fabulous darling but aslways struck me like shd be nasty to a real woman,lol!
Ok check out ur facebook group,love love love the dark purple clutch, the long one!

Have u evr checked the purseblog?Im in love with handbags so its a mecca so if uve neva been check it out, this post reminded me of ur bags,whatdyu think?

Tiger Tem said...

Interesting responses. Seems people are a little freaked out by RuPaul as a drag queen. While I'm well aware he's an oddity....its never been something that's freaked me out.

One love as long as it doesn't involve kids or animals. We're all different and want/like different things. I find drag queens fascinating. That they can take the key aesthetic elements of being a woman and just turn up the volume so pretty spectacular.

@ naija ...And er, I'm guessing most of them are gay.

Tiger Tem said...

@ cheetarah..I have seen it before but haven't been to teh site for ages. Will take a peek now, thanks for reminding me about it.

p.s. where's your blog?

Cheetarah said...
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Bobo said...

What happens the mind?