Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you still make resolutions?

I don't make resolutions but I set goals to give me something substantial to aim for each year.

For 2008 my goals are:

1. Increased financial stability
I'm well aware that financial stability is a relative term which is why its a goal every year, onwards and upwards baby.

2. Develop Tiger Tem
I'll be relocating from Musa Yaradua in the new Year, hopefully by easter. I'm still working on the decor plan but it will be more of an all round boutique with a slightly wider range of stock. Pretty much along the same lines as what I already carry, just a wider range of it. I'll be launching my range of tatoo inspired tshirts, sparkly flip flops, sparklier clutch bags and very possibly introducing a hot American brand.

3. Develop a secondary career
I love Tiger Tem and its my baby but this super hyperactive mind of mine is itching for new developments and challenges so its looking like either writing or interiors. I love both so I'll do a lot more research into the start, middle and ultimate goals in each career.

Just so you know I'm thinking
Writing - the pinnacle being screenplays or a book. I'm much more interested in TV and film so lets see.

Interiors - the pinnacle being to get really juicy projects like hotels and the Mr is an architect so that would make us quite the dynamo team.

4. Finish all home improvements
Well I am a budding interiors person. haven'td ecided if it will be an interiors architect, stylist or decorator....still looking up the difference. But interior architect sounds proper so that might be the one.

What are your resolutions?


UnNaked Soul said...

Start all that needs to be started and end all that needs to be ended...

Have a blinging 2008 sweets!!!

ladi said...

Continue with school, get better grades, save more money, network properly, and have a better spiritual far.

Have a great New Year!

Uzo said...

Happy New Year. I came by and bought a sparkly bangle and red brooch that i wore in my hair for a party....

For the new year - i dont have resolutions per say. I have a theme Fulfillment and that will guide all the plans i have made....

Naija Chickito said...

Ok gal, I can see that you are really passionate about fashion and all things beautiful. That's commendable. Would love to meet you in person, though you inspire me just fine from here!
Have a happy and even more fulfilling 2008.