Saturday, December 15, 2007

10 days and counting.....Smoking Hot Style!

We're in the midst of the party season and the invites are coming thick and fast. With so many places to go and people to see....its every fashionista's wardrobe nightmare! You don't want to repeat outfits nor wear an approximation of the same outfit on a regular basis.

Its the time of year when most retailers are chock full of evening attire sooo beaded, embellished, sequinned and studded… wouldn’t look out of place on Stricly Come Dancing.

So if you really want set yourself apart in the style stakes, and look like a winner, without looking like a loser from a D-List party, take a leaf out of Yves Saint Laurent’s book and opt for an evening tux. If you can stretch to the retail heaven of Yves Saint Laurent, their tux is a true classic, as it should be since Yves invented the first ever female tux…‘Le Smoking’.

This season androgyny is hot but this is a new type of androgyny. Its dressed down to dress up. Its covered up to emphasise your femininity. It’s a little severe to highlight your softness. But its undeniably sharp, smart and damn sexy.

A stylish tux style shirt (3.1 Philip Lim with some really sexy black jeans (Paige Add a touch of gold with this leather cummerbund inspired belt (, a sparkly clutch (Tiger Tem)to up the ante in the glam stakes and some slick red patent shoes...and you're good to go.

Or try this uberhot backless waistcoat (Day Birger with some washed grey skinny jeans (Superfine And keep up the platinum look with somne mirror effect peep toes shoes ( silver ostrich clutch (Tiger Tem) and top it off with a bringing-sexy-back style hat (Tiger Tem)

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