Saturday, December 8, 2007

QUICK BITE - Useful tips on HOW to shop for dresses online

Its interesting, through time, I’ve learnt how to look at the dress on the model.

The number 1 question is “How do her proportions differ from mine?”

Its not a size issue as proportions have nowt to do with size. Are you bigger up top, boyish or pear shaped. Then take a good look at how the model’s proportions differ from yours…pay attention to the model’s proportions (obviously they’re all different…skinny is not a type!) and I promise you will be making a much better choice for your outfit when you order online!

I found this really helpful last time I bought jeans. If the model is really tall and really thin with wide set legs…you know borderline bowleg looking like Kate Moss, she’s an entirely different shape from me so those jeans that look great on her won’t necessarily look great on me.

If you’re bigger up top, pay attention to if the model seems to be wearing a bra in that fab dress. If it’s a teeny bit low cut at the back, you’ll have difficulty getting a bra that works.

For women who find it difficult to work out what suits their shape take a look at, it has a rather complicated measuring process that involves measuring every square inch of your body….but once you do, it saves your info and recommends clothes for your shape….how smart!

Oh, and not to be easily outdone, have launched a virtual wardrobe where you can adjust your mannequin to be of similar stature to yourself, adjust her skin colour, hair colour and hair style, then go ahead and try on all manner of bargain bucket frippery. Fabulous…and sure as hell beats even trying to get into an H&M changing room this month. I didn’t make it, but the pics I’ve seen in magazines look HOT!

p.s. Do you have any great tips to share? Let me know!

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