Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 days and counting....Quick Bite...The Delicous Dakore

Ok, still bouncing off the walls with excitement. I've literally just stepped back in the house after a rather hectic day. Xmas at not for the faint hearted. I was a little concerned as we had a quiet start to the day but luckily this all changed by midday and it panned out to be a very busy day.

Dakore Egbuson came in for the first time today and she's lovely. Met her and her BF out with my BF a while ago...and she said she kept on seeing fabulous little pieces from Tiger Tem so she popped in today and we all had a blast. My manager was rather star struck much to our amusement. She stayed for a while and we spoke quite a bit and she's interesting, friendly and for the record, MUCH prettier than she looks on screen (and she looks pretty on screen anyway).

For the un-initiated, Dakore is one of the biggest Nollywood (Nigerian Film) actresses. So its a little like having Cameron Diaz in for the day!

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