Saturday, December 8, 2007

18 days and counting.....dip, dip, dye?

Well, talk about a blast from the hippy-woodstock-past. Tie-dye fabric has been a serious faux-pas for as long as I can remember, so that means probably since Woodtsock. But fashion being as cyclical as it is….gives us the dip dye. I saw it first with the Prada dip dyed bag and thought, hmmm, clever, then I saw it again and thought, hmmm, nice.

And now I present this bevy of beauties in a series of dip dyed dresses. Well Ali Larter and Thandie anyway, had to stick Claire in there to show its really becoming a trend. Two people might just be a coincidence, but three Hollywood big hitters…and I think I smell a trend.
I’m totally loving Thandie’s Matthew Williamson dress, I love the combo of the navy and pink, but if I was going to wear one, I’d probably wear Ali Larter’s sexy little cocktail dress. You?

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Uzo said...

Claire's dress is really really...well ugly. But Ali's dress is so hot....The cut and especially the black and white factor