Saturday, December 8, 2007

18 days and counting ....oi waitress!

I've been a little quiet this week...primarily as my internet at home and in the office were both down. And you can only imagine what that did to for me, the internet is more addictive than crystal meth.

Normally I’d never consider wearing a white shirt with a black skirt as that’s been strictly the preserve of waitresses. And its just a little boring and work-ish.

But oh my golly gosh, I stand corrected. Check out these hotties in these hottest outfits! Petra’s just hot anyway but I think the hiked up hemline, the high ponytail and the Mr T-esque gold necklaces keep it funky and flirty. Hottie in the middle (anyone know who she is?) amps it up with her tux inspired shirt and high waisted skirt and La Alba gives us the most tame look (well she is a little tame isn’t she?) but rocks that blung out belt with the Bordeaux croc clutch.

I’ve got the most fantabulous white shirt that I love to bits and I’m guessing I’d still have issues with just a plain black skirt so I’ll try it with a sequinned black skirt, or one with a brocade pattern, or one that’s embellished in some way for my inner magpie.



Anonymous said...

The person in the middle is Selita Ebanks, she's a Victoria's Secret model like Oluchi...
By the way, do you know if Oluchi is coming to Lagos for the Thisday fashion and music festival?

Tiger Tem said...

You're right. She looks so different there I didn't even realise it was her. oluchi's been involved with a couple of ThisDay events so chances of her coming are very high. But as always with these things, nothing's 100% until planes have landed and the big kahunas have disembarked.