Friday, December 21, 2007

4 days and counting....Bring on the Parties!

Oh my golly gosh I'm literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. Its beena great week at work...superbusy which is stressful but I love it. The Xmas affair on Wednesday got us off to a rollicking good start for the holidays and things have gone pretty well from there on.

This Xmas has been especially hectic as its involved a lot of movement but lets just say I'm so friggin happy with the results!

I love Xmas. I loved Xmas before Tiger Tem...but I really, really love Xmas more now.

The invites have been coming in thick and fast and so far I've been laying low i.e. hard at work but my partner in crime arrives this weekend so let the good times roll. Tomorrow there's some big event on and for the life of me right now I can't remember the purpose or the cause (ooops!) but I got the most important details....time, venue, dress code. Which leads me nicely onto my topic of the day....Formal Party Wear.

This time of year...a lot of parties want Black Tie but this isn't a sstrict a dress code as it used to be. I wouldn't wear jeans...but you can definitely work your best black skinny jeans to maximum effect on the red carpet if you choose. For the Bacchus age group, the tricky part is after your Black tie do you're most likely to want to go out after and I don't know about you but if I get taken home to change I'm likely to be bitten by my homebody bug...and not the trick is to look fierce on the red carpet and look hot for the club.

Now I'm the consummate girly girl so its no big surprise I'm in love with all the prom dresses that are all over the shops at the mo. The more black tie friendly are in general longer and sit on the knee or just below and the more versatile and club friendly sit just above the knee.

Exhibit 1. Vicky B. Yes you know I'm a fan. LOVE this dress. its cute, its Alaia, it fits like a dream, makes the most of her figure and would work well on a lot of girls. And as far as prom dresses this season go...this one totally rocks as its a little shorter.

 other favourite style icon. LOVE this dress. I've noticed my love affair with pink has given way to cerise and red...methinks its a deeper, sexier more womanly as opposed to girly colour. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

I love purple and I LOVE this dress. It would work for a formal do and still look hot in the club. The colour, the length and the asymmetric cut make it absolutley fabulous. And that reminds me...I have something very similar in red...but where the hell is it?


They have a name for people who revel in the joy of the holiday gift season.

Greedy Bitches (Merry Christmas from one to another)

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