Friday, August 29, 2008

Ballerina look so lovely

I'm on the lookout for the perfect ballet pumps. I bought the perfect pair many moons ago, blush snakeskin Pedro Garcia (before he got super popular and super expensive) and I swear they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. BUT, I've had them for ages and worn them to death and it broke my heart when the cobbler said they had to be laid to rest.

Ever since, I've been on the quest for the perfect pair. I've tried many but many have failed. The deal with flat shoes is comfort obviously and I don't know what's up with the shoes or my feet but the vast majority rub at the back and give me blisters....boooo.

Sadly Pedro Garcia don't seem to do anything remotely similar to my fabulous blush snakeskin pair. And I want leather...satin ones are cute but tap one toe in a puddle and they're done.

I found these Pedro Garcia pumps on They're probably the closest thing to what I had that I've seen, but they're gold so I'm not a fan and they're $375 (down from $625)...and surely mine weren't that much. If I plonked that much moolah down on a pair of flat pumps I think I'd remember.

These are both supercute and from Pedro Garcia but they're fabric. And a little too cutesy perhaps.
The left pair in shimmery gold were $375 now 129

The right pair are a bronzey satin were $350 now 140

Now these are cute as well but somehow $395 for a pair of sequin covered ballet pumps just sounds like too much. And you know with time those sequins would start falling off.

These sparkly ballerinas from And at £30 I could suck it up with the satin.

Jessica Simpson's shoe collection is surprisingly good. Yes i did really just say that. These space age patent silver ballerinas with a slight wedge could work, I need to get up close and personal to decide on that. They're down from $75 to $45 on

This Steve Madden pair are supercute and the gold isn't too bling so they work. AND they're reduced to $18!

These snakeskin Eden from Nine West are supercute and I got them in bright pink and everywhere I go everyone asks me where I got them....but they're not that comfortable. Booooo. But they are a bargain from $69 they're now only $29.

These Steve Maddens are great for work, they're quite proper and preppy which we like, and they've got a slight heel which is great for longer jeans.

Cole Haan has been pimping that Nike Air technology for longer than I can remember. I haven't tried a pair yet...any opinions anyone? But these are cute, quirky and preppy. From $195 down to $95

These are a cute alternative to ballerinas. The slight wedge makes them great for longer jeans and work. Steve madden beatitt wedge moccasin $69 now 39

And on my search, I stumbled upon Old Navy and holy moly they're got a great selection. I'm a little dubious about the comfort level of budget leather....but i might just give it a go anyway.

How fabulous are these? And at only $24.50 per pair!
I'm liking the beige on the left the most, but the taupe in the middle are more muted, then we've got the purple on the right which I would love if they were plain.

And if that wasn't confusing enough now we've got the chocolate, earl grey and black pair to chose from too. I think I prefer the colours of the first set though. A little more cute and a little less serious.

Then we've got the Old Navy Patent Ballerina selection. I'm loving the Citrus yellow, but black and grey always work. And they've been reduced from $19.50 to $12.99 so why stop at one pair?

Or Navy, Kelly Green or Black? How's a girl to choose?


Dropsofglamour said...

Personal pick...I'd go with the Steve Madden. I love that tone of gold.

Anonymous said...

i admire u

Anonymous said...

the steve madden one top pick... also lovin the pedro garcia ones

emsbalogun said...

Has to be the Kelly Green patent pumps! Gorgeous.

Or if you're in London - French Sole. Low cut (for maximum toe cleavage (can u imagine?!)) in a multitude of colours and finishes, from £50-85. Kind of weird though as left and right shoes are exactly the same and apparently mould to your feet. A bit off putting methinks ;)

Tiger Tem said...

@ems...Hello! Amazed you have time to be online. Superwoman! I'm loving those patent pumps too and at only $12.......

I've been looking at French Sole, haven't seen any that jump out at me yet. How odd about the foot thing...what happens if you keep on getting them mixed up?