Friday, August 29, 2008

I See You Baby....

A little fashion inspiration for the weekend.

My weekly round up of people papped out and about looking fabulous....yeah, I see you baby.

I'm rather partial to the strapless slim fitted dress. And Kate Beckinsale shows us why....its just so friggin fabulous!

Everyone's favourite little LA crumpet, Rachel Bilson looking cute as a button in her Myne Ikat skirt.

Camila 'what baby weight' Alves, looking f.a.b.o.u.l.o.u.s. at the Kitson launch of her handbag line Muxo.

Solange, looking cute and quirky. I think she's finally getting into her fashion stride. Me likey.

America Ferrera looking rather fetching in her DVF dress and Louboutins.

I'm not sure what exactly Emmanuelle Chriqui is famous for...she's an actress right? Anyway I'm loving this Lotta dress on her. And I must say she has a knack for always looking fabulously turned out on the red carpet.

Katherine McPhee looking like the virginal vixen in this fabulous Ports 1961 dress. Love it.

Kelly looking cute as a country and western singer in her skinny jeans and Dolce & Gabbana shirt.

Lake Bell (another...who is she?) but I'm loving this look. The cheap as chips American Apparel skirt, vintage shirt, vintage belt and she ups the ante with the Ferragamo pumps and I'm in all types of love with that Kara Ross clutch.

Christina Milian not missing a beat with a photo op with Lance Bass. She always look cute. I guess being slam dunked in the deep end of the good gene pool always helps.

See? The strapless slim fit strikes again. Fab. Lauren rocks in her Mason by Michelle Mason ivory dress.

Malin Ackerman (who are these people?) looking fabulous in one of my understated favourite designers, Amanda Wakely. Amanda Wakely is for people like love the quiet whisper of luxury not the rambunctious cacophony of cash provided by the full on mega watt ber-ling of people like Dolce & Gabbana (I love them too though!)

Ignore the decidedly frumpy hair and Maria Menounos (who? I'm not being rude, I actually don't know what these people do) is looking fierce in his Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Maria Bello, I think she just turned 40something...can you believe that? Anyway she's looking like the MIWTLL (Mother I Want To Look Like) in this fabulous monochrome creation.

Minka Kelly (who?) wears the hell out of this white dress. A white dress is so hard to pull off, for smart occasions, but she gets an A+ for this baby. Love the bright blue Louboutins.

I think I need to start watching more TV or something as I honestly have no clue who these women are, but they make it onto TigerBites as they look so friggin fabulous.

Last but not least is Monet Mazur who's looking tres glam in her Issa dress, Chanel jewellery and Stella McCartney clutch.

Have a good weekend people and as always if you can't be good, have fun being bad.



Dropsofglamour said...

Oooh that Stella Mccartney clutch is to-die-for!! Apparently Solange's outfit is from topshop (shock-horror), I love celebs who wear high street.

Bunmmy said...

nice and pretty collections and i love the first dress...hope you haven't my request for dressing tips

Tiger Tem said...

@dropofglamour...isn't it? Love it too. Solange in Topshop? I like her style even more.

@Bunmmy....thanks. I haven't forgotten no worries!

emsbalogun said...

Solange will be fine as long as she stays away from anything by their own label (House of Dereon?) - saw some in US and it wasn't the best!