Friday, August 22, 2008

Jean Genie - J Brand

There's this thing I always do. When something new comes out and gets majorly overhyped, I completely lose any passing interest i might have had. So when J Brand jeans hit the market and the frenzy of women who could quite drop $250/£250 fast enough followed....I totally lost interest. Jeans. They're just jeans people. They're not going to change your life or rock your world.

J Brand, was launched in California in the spring of 2005 and the brand had immediate success. Their design mandate was to create a classic and sophisticated jean emphasis on superior fit and no excess hardware or embellishment.

And earlier this year I found myself in proud possession of some charcoal grey J Brand Love Story and oh my golly gosh. I LOVE them.

They fit really snug and low but not too low on the hips, pretty thick denim which I like, and a truly amazing shape. Snug on the legs with a superflattering flare that I promise makes me look at least 2 inches taller. And the colour is just fabulous. The first time I wore them, about 4 women asked me where I got joke. So yes, I'm now a J Brand convert. They do a great selection of very wearable colours....and I'm not keen on coloured denim. The grey, the black, the mulberry are all fabulous alternatives. I haven't gone for any blue ones yet, perhaps I will but to be honest I have enough jeans in my life......for now.

J Brand Low Rise 14 inch Split Pretender in Mulberry

If like me, you shudder at the prospect of dropping $250/£250 on a pair of jeans, shop smart. Buy online and you'll be amazed at some of the great deals you can get. Just make sure you know your size. For the most part I'd say the skinny jeans from J Brand are pretty tricky to navigate, I gave up pretty quickly with those as the cuts and fits vary a little too much for my liking. But with the straight legs or flares, they run true to size.

The 912 Low Rise Pencil Leg in Ink remains their best selling jean as it’s a classic look that works well worn casual or smart.

The Love Story is another bestseller for the brand, the slim leg with a low waist and bell bottom, is supremely flattering and inspired by 70s icons such as Jane Birkin and Ali McGraw. In June this year, the brand launched their Blue Label which is designed with a new fit for curvier women.

J Brand 14 inch LowRise Cigarette cut

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Dropsofglamour said...

I'm sceptical about dropping that amount on jeans but i will admit that J brand is extremely flattering. I'd be inclined to buy the cigarette cut.

Tiger Tem said...

Shop smart and you won't have to. I didn't as like you I'm waaaay to sceptical to drop that amount on a pair. They are just jeans after all, no matter how leg lenghtening they might be!

If you know size, colour and cut you want, send me an email and I'll let you know the best price I can find.

Nkiru Judith said...

Girl...this is so cool! Not for the faint hearted though. You know what i mean

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