Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tiger's Travel Tales

Well no great tales really but it is a copy of the text of the article they just printed in Genevieve (I'll update this post with a scan when I get the time).

For part of the summer issue, Genevieve asked me to give them my top travel tips for summer so here they are. Enjoy.


Favourite Summer location and why it's your favourite.
(Hampstead Heath)

London. Boring I know but its always going to be home for me, I grew up in the UK and have family and close friends living there. Its the city I know best in the world and whenever I'm travelling anywhere from Lagos, I'll always pass through London. There's an ease with being in a place you know so well.

(Nikki Beach Marbella)

But for more exciting locations, I'd recommend Madrid, Marbella, Seville, Dubai and San Francisco.

Favourite Shops at this location
Coco Ribbon - Overpriced for the most part but its the ultimate girlie haven of a boutique.

The White Company - The best candles in the world. Yes, really.

Fenwicks, Bond Street - One of my all time favourite department stores and I'm in love with their shoe and accessory sections. You find things here that you don't find everywhere else which is always a huge plus and the look and feel of it is like a department store sized boutique.


Liberty, Regent Street - I love the tudor facade and its a real London landmark. I like the fact that it still has sections that look very traditionally British while other sections are state of the art contemporary. I'm not a beauty junkie but I defy anyone to go into their make-up hall and not find some exciting new thing you've never seen before that guarantees to make you look amazing. And their fragrance world favourite. AND they'll always have a special place in my heart as after pounding the pavements for days, this is where I found my dress for my 21st birthday party.

Massimo Dutti....I'm in all types of love with this store. First found them in Spain, and it took a while for them to open branches in the UK. They're owned by the same company as Zara but I love their well cut, affordable, cosmopolitan European style.

Favourite food/drink there as well
A nice monster sized Chicken Caesar salad. There's a spot in Maida Vale that does one of my personal favourites. And I'm yet to find anywhere in Lagos that can match the standard. Do we get iceberg lettuce here?

I love seafood so I always look forward to a some good seabass, swordfish, tuna steak and salmon.

Tea with proper milk.

And really good sushi.

And a really nice seabreeze.

One item you always bring back to Nigeria when you travel
A stack of magazines. A smythson diary. And any new stuff I bought for myself, but even I've noticed I don't shop as much as I used to.

I travel a lot so I have certain travel rituals in place that always make my journey easier.

The big bag is by GoldenBleu (Tiger Tem is their first African stockist) and its the perfect travel bag size. And its patent which means it never looks grubby.

I always, always travel with a Tiger Tem travel set. it makes it so much easier in duty free to find your boarding pass and keeps all your travel paperwork, currency in the different pockets. Perfect.

I love Smythson and this tiny diary is perfect as it fits in the pocket of every handbag so it never gets lost. And after one gadget too many crashed, I'm a fan of writing things down on paper.

Always need a supersoft, big pashmina to wrap up and keep me warm with the supersonic air conditioning on board. Works a treat and I'm a huge pashmina fan and I have a LOT! But this leopard print one, my current favourite, was stocked at Tiger Tem but we've pretty much sold out now.

My much loved iPod, I love music and need it everywhere I go. And the headphones are so much better to use than the ones they give out on board so I use them to watch the films as well.

And last but not least a great book, just finished reading Khaled Hosseini's follow up to the Kite Runner. Loved it.


Cheetarah said...

FYI you can get iceberg lettuce but in jos, i know this for sure.Brocolli,Oyster mushrooms, mangetout, and even yucky brusell sprouts are a phone call away:)

Ok back to the post,
Hmm Nikki Beach huh? I´ll check that out, I dont live to far and was thinking of Barcelona.
Fenwick on Bond str,lol! to each his own, coz you´ll laff when you here mine..The Oracle, its the shopping center in Reading, not great at all BUT im in love with it and Spitafield Market and finally Gallarie Lafayette in paris..just becoz the ceiling is soo beautiful, i go there just to gaze up at it. And im ur opposite for Massimo, I love Berksha, its weird I knw!
Im on a plane every 2weeks,so my travel bag is the good ole Le Pilage grande! That way I never hafta check in.

Ok I guess I wasnt supposed to pratle on,but I needed a break the break,lol! and I seem to be becoming a regular commentor here!
P.S. Are you like a celeb in Nigeria asper mag and all? forgive my ignorance, just curious. x

Nkiru Judith said...

Tiger Tem...u r sorry about blurting the statement out. It is my honest to God opinion. London is a fun place to be in, i would say. It's got beautiful side walks when you can connect from Soho to Leceister square to Covent garden, you know, behind...where there are restaurants, cafes, bars, you know. I know u have an idea of where am talking about. I like London. It can be quaint when one talks about certain places in central london. Paris is nice as well. Places like PRINTEMPS located at haussmann, it is expensive, though. But there are some discounted products...goods like perfumes, wristwatches, scarves...sold at somewhat beside the building of Printemps. Paris is a beautiful place, it's lovely. Would love to visit barcelona & madrid when the opportunity presents itself. Spain has fine food...fine wine... lovely atmosphere, like i was told.

Pls, don't let me start going on & on about where i would like to visit when given an opportunity aside from london that i live in. Paris that i have visited and not forgetting Geneva, switzerland. That is another hella place (pls forgive my french) it is picturesque.

Did i just take a huge breath when i arrived in Geneva? I tell you that place is lovely!

Tiger Tem...pls keep bringing it on. Places to visit, relax and roll over, and it will be good.

In the meantime have fun....

Oyinkan said...

Yum! Chicken caesar salad! I crave those when i'm in Lagos...i crave every kind of vegetable! It's pretty hard to keep up with your five-a-day in these parts. Suprisingly, they made a mean caesar salad on my university campus and that was always my friday treat for all my hard work during the week.

I love that Goldenbleu much can you fit in it?

@Cheetarah- Don't believe her if she tells you she is not a celeb (a celeb for actually doing some work!) lol! I think her boutique is a pretty big damn deal in Lagos and she and a few others are really paving the way for a retail industry in Lagos.

Tiger Tem said...

@cheetarah...I've heard you guys get a much wider selection of fruit and veg up north...must be nice. I love all the ones you mentioned, yes even brussel sprouts (well at Xmas anyway)!.
Nikki Beach are expanding pretty fast and they have quite a few now but the one in Marbella is the only one I've been too. Great fun.

Shopping centres are great for the ease they offer and you don't have to deal with diverse weather conditions either. Spitalfields is a bit far for me so I prefer Portobello. But I don't go as much as I used to. But I did get one of my favourite jackets ever there. Bershka...hmmm. Le Pilage is a good staple travel bag but I love mine! Love your comments so keep 'em coming.

Tiger Tem said...

@nkiru...hahaha. Yes I am quite organised. A little obsessively so. I know exactly where you mean in London, I love that part too but I hate it when it gets superbusy.

Paris is beautiful but not a favourite, and the Gallerie Lafayette is amazing....that dome.

And as I think you can see, I LOVE Spain.

Your wish is my command, I'll try and add some travel bits every now and then.

Tiger Tem said...

@oyinkan...hello! How's it going for you in Lagos? Work or holiday?Yeah Nigerian style of eating is boil, fry, then cook for two hours in a vat of more oil with tomatoes and call it stew.

That GoldenBleu bag...fits everything. It is huge. A laptop, pashmina, washbag, make up bag, phone, charger (you never want to forget that), magazine, book, ipod, pashmina and my inflatable neckrest! And I could probably fit a small child in there too if I really tried. Seriously, its the best bag EVER! And everywhere I go women always stop and ask me where I got it.

Thanks for the props on Tiger Tem. Its not easy!

Uzo said... i went to Pattaya for dinner and passed where Tiger Tem used to be..where are you on the island now?

Tiger Tem said...

@uzo..the new Ikoyi branch will be open in time for Xmas. As soon as it is, you know me, there'll be a big launch party with bells and whistles.