Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Heel-arious? I think not

These miniature stillettos called Heelarious are designed for baby girls between the ages of 0 and 6 months. Clearly some people need to be slapped.

And this is only part of the disturbing trend of hussy-wear for young girls:

Supermarket giant Tesco was criticized for launching padded bras for girls as young as seven. They've called it the “bust-booster.” Yep, Tesco needs a slap.

Asda was also condemned for marketing black lacy underwear to nine-year-old girls. And yep, Asda is gunning for a slap too.

I'm almost speechless. For once. I blame MTV actually, all these stupid videos and reality shows that show semi-naked women working like the rent is overdue and stupid guys busy macking and pimping in their rented cars in their rented houses.

Bad enough some fools are feeling smart for marketing these daft items but who are the even more foolish baby mamas buying them?

Your thoughts please!!


Anonymous said...

it's really wrong..sometimes i stop and pray for the future of the younger generation..what they're influenced by and what they watch on tv and perceive as important in life is disheartening..


I concur with anonymous! its simply horrendous! what about all the grown clothes,the make in miniature for little girls. Stuff like strapless mini dresses,dresses with low or cut out backs. It's like cant little girls be left to look innocent till they grow?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to watch one of these meetings to see the response when a manufacturer opens their sample bag and pulls out baby heels! Is it a unanimous 'o, little suzy would look great in the cheetah print heels?' or does it actually take some convincing.
And its really strange how it happens all at once. Its just not one crazy isolated retailer but three big ones. Maybe they all subscribe to the same trend report and the headline for girlswear for fall 08 was 'start 'em young' !

Tiger Tem said...

@anon...totally agree with you. Its so disturbing isn't it? Has anyone else seen that Tila Tequila watching a trainwreck in slow motion. I. Could. Not. Believe. My. Eyes.

@Marian...I didn't know they did that! Are you serious? I've never seen kiddie strapless dresses....oh man. That is so wrong.

@anon...I'd love to be in one of those meetings to. Cos I'd hop on the table and start shouting 'bloody paedophiliac fool'...and probably get promptly fired...but at least I'd have said my piece. I can't see how any of these ideas get brought up, let alone agreed on...surely at least some of the people involved have young children?

Anonymous said...

as kids we wanted to wear mummy's lipstick and sometimes she humoured us.. to be fair mini make up was as inevitable as mtv.
and yes, mtv is the devil but we welcomed it in with arms wide open! it has snowballed out of control but it's pretty much out of our hands now.
as unfortunate as it is it's too late for us to expect any better from the world of vanity and falsity that we so proudly created and daily perpetuate!
i mean i know i have always sworn to be a 'funky mother', and seeing little kids all done up and pretty jus strengthens that resolve. i look at this and wonder how far i'm willing to go, but where's the line between lip gloss and lipstick, and who draws it?

P!NK & RUFFLES said...

Awww i think they r gorgeous.....
am sosorry.....feel bad for likin em.........

awwwww........the pink ones....too cute...


Renaissance Man said...

I blame MTV too Tiger!

Ladi said...

I blame those that watch MTV and create demand for nonsense supplied on MTV.

Tiger Tem said...

@geishasong...Let your kids play dress up but mothers need to know where to draw the line surely? I definitely agree that so far we have welcomed MTV with open arms but judging from the reactions on this page....quite a few of us would like a boycot!

@pink&ruffles...You might like them but would you buy them? And put them on your 3 month old daughter? In public?

@renaissance man...boycot!


Simi Speaks said...

let's be real. I blame the parents.

MTV is no different from BET or VH1or anything else. they can put the garbage out there but it's up to the real influencers i.e mom & pop to filter out the crap.

they can create all the baby heels they want. if parents dont buy, they will re-access their bottomline.

These companies are NOT in child rearing business. they are in to make money. anything else is asking for a lil too much.

Tiger Tem said...

@simi speaks...very well said.

emsbalogun said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact too twisted. As a proud mother of a little baby girl (woohoo!!!) I wouldn't dream of dressing her up beyond her years at any time of her childhood. Its down to the parents.