Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slinky Sexy Leggings - Do we love them?

Leggings are nothing new on the fashion scene and I kinda thought they might have dropped off the radar for the new Autumn/Winter collections. But oh no, they're sticking around and they're available in a wider range of looks.

So if you like you fashion simple, edgy, avant-garde or full on sexy. There's something for all of you.

For my first pick, we have the very fashion forward avant garde astonishingly expensive Alexander McQueen pailette leggings.(£1045...yes I said pounds)

Again, perhaps a tricky sell, especially as I remember Beyonce performing at an award show dressed as a robot in a similar gold Balenciaga that's why I posted the second picture as well so we can all see how surprisingly normal they can look if you keep the rest of your outfit simple and toned


Next up we have the slinkiest sexiest edgiest leggings from my absolute favourite spot for great basics...American Apparel. $42 in the US or £29 in the UK.

I know looking at these pictures, they might seem like a hard sell but about a month ago a friend of mine wore her out and they looked FABULOUS! But be warned, the slinky shiny fabric makes people want to touch them!

And for the more shy and retiring fashion maven we have the splendidly simple leggings from Splendid at $


Cheetarah said...

Yeah the Balenciaga ones were a trip, interestingly I decided to stop wearing leggings, im tired jare i did them in the early 90's and from early 2005-2007 abegi!

But i have the shinny pvc looking ones in black n sliver(primarni,lol! 6quid) and some lace gothic onces which i suprisingly got from H&M NY, the one outside Penn.

Early 2007 I think, Grazia was calling them treggings?lol, as in extremely skinny pants which were thicker fabric than leggings, that trend did not catch on! Yes another long comment! Bissesx

Oyinkan said...

Lagos is...Lagos! Lol! I'm just here on holiday. It's fun but very frustrating atimes (NEPA & third mainland bridge closure!).

I really want to try the leather leggings cos i think they look so sexy paired with the right thing. I haven't explored leggings fully yet so i'm not bored yet.

Anonymous said...

T2 its cheetarah again, could you please pretty please do a post on ´the basic black pants´ I have been looking for ´the´pair of black pants, for work and play but I cant seem to find any..Im a US 6, and a uk 10-12 depending on store and EUR 40, so u wud think it would be easy but NO! Either the fabric is too cheap, the legs are too long, it cuts away my hips, the waist is too tight, u get the jist sha! Anytips or pointers? And babe no pants worth like 1000pounds ooo,lol! Many many thanks...

Anonymous said...

nice looking leggings. tiger tem...would u be on facebook? pls, if you are, may i add u?


Uzo said...

I am only adventurous with my accessories - jewellery, bags and shoes...I usually keep my clothes simple and conservative...

The leggings thing..emm not too sure..havent been sure..hwoever, a few days ago, a friend of mine who just returned from the states bought me some black leggins and delightful green smock like thing...Love the smock...but i am determined to wear them together...maybe i will convert?

The latex looking leggings are in my mind reminiscent of the show Real Sex on HBO...kinly looking..the uber shiny things..not sure..

Maybe i am just square or getting old...

Tiger Tem said...

@cheetarah...yep, I'm a grazia fan and ever since they coined the term WAG, they've been busy making up words in the hope they catch on.

@oyinkan...i'm with you on that but I tend to feel swamped in long tunic type tops so I'll have to wait and see.

@cheetarah...take a look at this

@uzo..they are a bit S&M but that's why they're so sexy! Sqaure? You?

Anonymous said...

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