Friday, August 8, 2008

Jean Genie - Paige Premium Denim

Next up on my Jean Genie radar is Paige Premium Denim.

I LOVE Paige jeans. They are one of the first premium denim brands to really convince me that a whopping price hike on denim can make a big difference to how good your jeans look. Their denim is supersoft, their cut mould, create and caress curves and my oh my, they are by far the most asstastic jeans I own!

And for those of you who like your denim fuss free they have signature whipstitching at the side but its about half an inch long and barely noticeable.

Paige Premium Denim was founded by fit model (models used to test out the fit on jeans) Paige Adams Geller on the principle that you don't have to be a size zero to look and feel great in a pair of designer jeans. (Amen to that!). As the butt behind the best selling premium brands in the business (7 For All Mankind, Lucky Brand, Citizens of Humanity, Guess and others), Paige Adams Geller realised it was time she used her best assets to create the perfect fitting jean. Within a year, Paige Premium Denim was quietly taking then world by storm, entering over 2000 high end boutiques and department stores across the world and the fit model known for having “the best butt in the business” soon became known as the designer who makes “the best butt jeans” in the business.

Their site is fantastic as it has this tool called 'The Personal Fitting With Paige' where you answer 3 simple details about your body shape and what you want your jeans to emphasise, camouflage and hey presto, you're given a rather spot on short list to choose from.

Prices range from $159-179 and £145-160 so they are definitely premium denim prices but shop smart and you can always find a good deal.


Paige Premium Denim - Hollywood Hills in Black Overdye $179

Paige Premium Denim - Laurel Canyon in Waterfall $179

Paige Premium Denim - Laurel Canyon in Northern Lights $185

Paige Premium Denim - Laurel Canyon in Dark Resin $169

And this is quite possibly the hottest selection of ankle length jeans I've seen. Ever.
(From left to right)
Paige Premium Denim - Skyline Ankle Peg in Wasilla $179
Paige Premium Denim - Roxbury Ankle Length $179
Paige Premium Denim - Roxbury in Waterfall $179

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Naija Babe said...

I totally agree...And FYI for all you curvier sisters..Nordstroms also carrys Paige premium in plus sizes...Believe me, your butt will never look sexier...!

Tiger! Can we talk about a writing/Fashion opp? Offline?
I think it would be fabulous to work together...(insert growl here)!

Dropsofglamour said...

I checked out their collection online and its very impressive.

I especially like their wide-legged jeans and the Laurel Canyon dark resin rinse.

Tiger Tem said...

@naija babe. Send me an email about your idea and we'll take it from there.

@dropsofglamour...when you get a chance, try them on and let me know what you think.