Saturday, August 16, 2008

I See You Baby....

A fun new thing for the Tiger Bites blog, every week, I'll do a "I See You Baby...." page. I See You Baby being a line shamelessly taken from that one line Groove Armada song. So on this page, I'll post lots of pictures of celebrities out and about looking fabulous. Like looking in a fabulous magazine, these pics are great inspiration for what to wear now.

Never one to let comfort get in the way of fashion, Vicky B looks fabulous in this shirt prom style dress with a wide waist cinching belt. Nothing ground breakingly new about her ensemble but tried and trusted always works when it works.

Such a good looking couple, I normally hate sack type dresses but it looks fierce on Kate Beckinsale...nicely accessorised by Len.

Eva Longoria Parker looking cute on a stroll through the streets of Paris in a very simple outfit but a nice shirt with fab jeans, a great bag and some seriously big sunglasses is always going to be a winning look.

La Moss looking uncharacteristically dressed up in the daytime. I love that dress on her. Kate Moss has got great style...obviously, but this was quite a surprise as I'm used to seeing her in her 100-ways-with-denim daytime look.

Kirsten Bell looking a complete fox in this outfit, love the skirt, the necklace, the hair, the clutch and those shoes....

Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl wears the hell out of that LBD. Love the monochrome shoes too.

How the young shall we have America's favourite cheerleader Hayden Panettiere showing off her new short do with some positively vixenish red lippy. Nice.

Ignore Duffy on the right but Riri is looking fabulous in her tartan shirt with white waistcoat. Her hair's looking a little more tame than normal too. A very cute daytime look.

Well when you're paid megabucks for looking good, you're bound to look good in anything....but Selita Ebanks is looking doubly fierce in that tuxedo jacket, seriously fetish inducing shoes and that I wish I'd designed it for Tiger Tem clutch.

Ok, you can't really tell from the back but this is Lauren Conrad. I just love that Sonia Rykiel skirt...I promise from now on to find better pictures!

For a girl who's always accused of being Zac Efron's beard, she always looks very smug in pictures I've noticed. Maybe she knows something the paps don't? Anyway sexual proclivities aside, I'm loving this smarter look on her.


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