Monday, August 11, 2008

Its a wrap!

The magazines are chock full of what's set to be hot for autumn winter this year, and as the temperatures start to drop a little, most women are reaching for a stylish cover up they can layer over their tank tops, tshirts, summer dresses.

The ideal choice is one that goes day to evening and looks just as fabulous casual and smart. You all know about my long standing uninterrupted love affair with the pashmina. I love cardigans too and for the next season the genius minds in fashion have combined the two to create the wrap cardigan....Love it. Love mine and looking at these I think in a matter of minutes I'll be adding to my collection (I've only got one so far....).

I love the bright pop of colour these offer and you can wear them open or tied in the middle depending on what you're wearing and where you're going.
Left - Michael Stars Open Shawl Cardigan $69
Middle and Right - Velvet Lorelle Baby jersey wrap $79

Next we have the fabulous Stevie from American Apparel's hottest competition...Alternative Apparel. One thing I will definitely say about Alternative Apparel is their cotton is super light and super soft which is just the way I like it. The Stevie comes in about 10 different colours and can be worn open, tied in the middle or wrapped around the waist. Versatility. Me likey.
Currently reduced from $48 to $19! The only question for me right now is what colour?

See how astonishingly sexy and stylish they can look? What's not to love? And this cream version is just spectacular. And its cashmere. And I'm soooo in love with cashmere, its superlight, supersoft and superwarm...the blends can work well, but 100% is where its at.
Grace Sun Cashmere Wrap $290

I say it every time I post a picture of one of his pieces so here I go again....I love me some McQueen. For some reason this cashmere kimono style cardigan ($2125)reminds me of Lucy Liu...did she wear this in an episode of Cashmere Mafia?

DKNY have quietly been selling thousands of these cashmere wraps called the Cosy for ages but its just gone completely mainstream and selling out rapidly. $195

I have no idea how on earth to tie it like this but I'll have a go with my wrap cardi and let you know if its possible for mere mortals. Then again, mine's a lot shorter so I doubt it. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

Love this one by Jamison Rousseau. I love the dark heather grey and its 100% cashmere and I swear you can SEE how soft it looks from this picture.
$436 from

Now this is what I'm talking about. This is how I wear mine...see how its the perfect combination of a pashmina and a cardigan? Love it. And these tissue weight cashmere cardigans come from and come up at $99 (down from $199) which for 100% a friggin bargain!

Forever 21, America's answer to a Primark/H&M hybrid are never one to be left out in the cold so their surprisingly chic version comes up at $23. And you know they'll have like a hundred different colours.

Love this wrap front cardigan from Rock Owens. His clothes often have an origami inspired aesthetic which is a bit clever. And this muted greyish olive is the perfect chic neutral. And just to set it apart in the style stakes a little know they can't dye colours like this on the cheap...


Anonymous said...

You are FIERCE....

Dropsofglamour said...

At least there is one positive thing about the end of summer :-)

Tiger Tem said...


@dropsofglamour....Totally agree. these wraps and a whole new season of clothes!