Friday, August 1, 2008

The Audra - Do We Love It?

While I'm back to my full time bag obsession, I found one I'd like to share with you.

My regular readers know I'm a big time GoldenBleu fan, so much so, I've made Tiger Tem their first African stockist. Bold move to stock another brand of handbags but the proof was in the pudding as we sold over 85% of our GoldenBleu stock the day we launched it.

So new collection, new dilemmas on what to choose.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present, The Audra.

Its cute and perfectly formed with quilting reminiscent of Chanel (and Marc Jacobs), the signature gold finishings add a touch of bling and this raspberry colour patent leather and fuchsia suede lining looks good enough to eat.

The chainlink shoulder strap is detachable so it has the versatility to be used as a shoulder bag or a clutch depending on your preference. And the little coin purse bit at the front is detachable which is fabulous (and yes it attaches very securely, I've checked) as if you decide to separate them you've got a cute little coin purse too.

Your opinions please.


Cheetarah said...

Id go with the Candy Apple Red..

Stephanie said...

I have not been leaving comments like I used to cause our internet in this country sucks and I dont have the patience..But this bag is FRIGGIN' hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!Reminds me of the Marc Jacobs.How've you been TT?

Tiger Tem said...

@Cheetarah...nice bold colour. Good choice.

@Stephanie...well hello stranger. Obviously this caught your attention in a big way!