Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jean Genie - Blank Jeans

A topic close to many of our hearts and even closer to our butts, the perfect jeans.

Well, the perfect jeans depends entirely on what you need them to be perfect for.

The perfect everyday jeans?
The perfect club jeans?
The perfect dinner jeans? (dinner and club jeans are by no means the same!)
The perfect skinny jeans?
The perfect bootlegs?
The perfect flares?
The perfect black jeans?
The perfect work jeans?

With the multitude of needs and the gazillion brands out there, how's a girl to choose?

Tiger Bites Jean Genie...that's how! Every week I'll play Jean Genie and offer tips and suggestions on all manner of denim. So if you have any denim questions, shoot me an email at and I'll do my best to answer.

This year I've noticed I've been getting a little more obsessive about jeans, (still not on par with B who must have 40+ pairs)...but I love jeans. They're the modern girl's go to item when you're out on a hot date (although I recommend a dress for a really hot date), cocktails, dinner, shopping trips, work, travel, you name the occasion, you need a pair of jeans to wear.

I'm no brand whore and the lesser known the brand the better in my opinion. And at the same time, spending an afternoon trying on 20 pairs of jeans is just a shag. So slowly but surely with time, I'm working out who's really really hot in the world of denim. And my denim taste isn't so vanilla...I like very different jeans for different occasions.

So today ladies, let me introduce you to [BLANK].

[BLANK] Jeans REALLY caught my attention when all of a sudden I noticed them on the most fabulous shopping websites for between $68-80. Surely they missed out a digit?
Could it be a premium styled, budget denim line?

Apparently so, and apparently, its one of the best selling new denim companies this year. [BLANK] is the brainchild of Leigh Brown and Emmy Lauridsen who had previously launched premium a niche denim (with premium prices) line called ODYN (who?). Anyway, they hit retail gold with [BLANK] as its premium style for premium boutiques at a budget price. The line is funkier and edgier take on basics like the skinny with fabulous names like 'Ike n Tina' of 'Crackhead'. They've been getting mad press, since their launch last year. And you just gotta love their byline 'Shooting blanks since '07'

Nice work ladies!

These are my favourite pair, the Skinny Classique with studs $68. The perfect club/bar black skinnies. I've got them and they fit fantastically. They do have quite a high Lycra content which makes them stretchier than most skinny jeans. They're jet jet black which is good and I just love the studs on the back. Like I said they're the perfect jeans to wear out at night as they're supremely sexy with a little edge..and isn't that what most of us want?

And they also come in this fabulous shade of violet for $68. Its definitely a more edgy choice and probably for the most maverick women, but they look good. I thought about them for a while but decided as much as I love purple, purple jeans weren't quite what I was looking for. But I did get some coloured jeans at a later date (more on that in a future post)

The Blank Classique in Ike n Tina. Quite possibly the most fabulous superdark blue skinny jeans around. They fit like a dream (again due to the high Lycra content) which is more flattering than it sounds, and they're the perfect length. Skinnies have the versatility to look good with heels, flats or boots....even though I'm not a huge fan of skinnies and flats. They could work for day and they're pretty thin denim so great for summer.
If a lighter was with a straighter leg is more you style, try out the Regular Rise Roadrunner $68. The straight leg is an easier shape to wear, most definitely, it balances out most figures, yet being a slimmer cut than bootleg you still get the streamlined look of the skinny.

Your thoughts?

Will you be buying?

Which do you like the most?

all pictures from, they have some of the best denim pictures online AND the best denim selection online.


Cheetarah said...

My official jean place is Uniqlo for skinnies, their 25-27 pounds and they fit like a glove and have amazing colors! For bootcut..Topshop! just their regular 40pond BRAND I say this after I spent 3weeks, weekends and work days looking for the perfect pair, i tried everything on Tiger1 everything, all prices included and these little gems were 30mins away from me! Since then Ive been spreading the gospel!

Will i buy these ones, hmm No, coz i must have plain pockets, cant stand detailing and secondly for jeans you hafta try them on, dont advise buying online except the fit dont matter to u!

Tiger Tem said...

@cheetarah...haven't tried the uniqlo skinnies but I'm not a fan of that store in general.

TS bootcuts are fabulous, I agree, I have a pair.

But I have to point out only the first pair of [BLANK] jeans have any detail, the black pair and the purple are the same thing in different colours, the others have no obvious detailing which is one of the things that make them great.

And buying jeans online, well if you know your size and the store has a good return policy, i say why not? I've done it a few times and haven't had to send a pair back yet...but just make sure you know your size and it makes life a whole lot easier!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I feel you about Uniqlo as a store, but oneday in my 'perfect pair search' I wandered in and saw them, tried the skinnies on and bam! Since then Ive recruited my one of BFF to try em and shez very picky, girlfrd is singing Uniqlo now!
My bad tot they all had the detail....True if u knw ur size you can, but I guess we all have different body shapes and if you havent tried a brand b4 you'd be unsure of the cut and sizing,I hate sending things back,but thats just me!

Cheetarah x

Oyinkan said...

I love the purple skinnies!! This really doesnt help my cause to be more adventurous with colour-- my closet mainly consists of black and purple. But so far, the only coloured jeans i'm open to are the purple pair.

Not a fan of Uniqlo -- I think it's a little blah. I tend to stick to topshop because they have 36in inseems but its getting boring now. I realised that in the past 4 years i have bought 4 pairs of jeans from topshop that are exactly the same but in slighty different washes! They just recycle the same products year after year.

Could you do a post on jeans for us tall ladies. Pretty please :-)

Tiger Tem said...

@Cheetarah..I've noticed that I seem to be the same size in almost all denim. And the really good websites like and let you know if a brand fits true to size or not. I'm a HUGE fan of online shopping, so much easier and no need to deal with crowds. tall are you?! I'll be doing a different denim related topic each week so I'll definitely do one for the long legged lasses like you. I just got a bordeaux pair and they're my first colour (apart from black and grey), and they're FABULOUS.

emsbalogun said...

I recently discovered which is quite helpful in giving suggested styles for bodyshapes. I haven't tried it out yet (need to get a waist back first) but I too am eternally searching for the perfect jeans for all occasions. Would love your thoughts on brands for the curvier ladies - especially those who may have larger hips with smaller waists....over to you tiger tem!!