Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What’s sexy now (part 3)

Hey people, I know its been a few days, apologies. Work stuff and limited Internet access...again.

I'll just make this my last post on the What's Sexy Now topic I started last week.

Sexiest Swim:
An infinity edge pool…anywhere. I'm not picky!

Sexiest Scene Stealer:
Kirstin Davis in SATC The Movie

Sexiest Head of State:
Musa Yaradua…..ask a silly question...

Sexiest Packaging:
Agent Provocateur. No contest. How do they do those bows?

Sexiest School:
Millfield. All brawn no brains.

Sexiest Thirst Quencher:
Kir Royale for the ladies.

Bourbon on the rocks for the boys.

Sexiest Trend:
Sisters doing it for themselves.

Sexiest Rain Gear:
Hunter wellies (big up Alex)

Sexiest Body:
Marie Claire said Jessica Biel. I think I agree.

Sexiest Store:
Roberto Cavalli Marbella.

Sexiest Excuse:
I’ve got nothing to wear

Sexiest Key Chain Accessory:
BMW tag. I think they are by far the sexiest cars! Well them and the Bentley GT Continental.

Sexiest Label:
Something of the stealth wealth variety like Valextra or VBH.

Sexiest Artist:
Marie Claire said…Cai Guo-Qiang who uses gunpowder as his medium. Ooooh.
That painter guy on Heroes. Isaac.Yes it’s a cheat answer but really.

Sexiest office supply:
The stapler.

Sexiest Watering Hole:
Marie Claire said…GoldBar, NYC.

Looks nice. Very er, gold.

I say, Bourbon & Branch! Love it. A true classic speakeasy.

Sexiest Denim:
Paige Premium Denim. Asstastic.

J Brand for their leg lengthening properties.

Sexiest Wedding Gift:
A house. Or a water bungalow. Actually scrap the house, I'll go for a water bungalow.

Sexiest status symbol:
I don't believe in status symbols, you are who you are and you have what you have.

Whoever dies with the most toys doesn't win.

BUT if you do believe in them, don't pussyfoot around, go the whole hog and land a 'how-do-you-like-me-now' Cessna Citation X.

Sexiest Voice:
James Earl Jones. That resounding bass.

Sexiest Guilty Pleasure:
Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The really really good stuff. Like the ones at TeaCakeBakeShop (they deliver across America). Or those Taste The Difference ones from Sainsbury. Seriously, get some today, the dark red paper bag. Promise, they’re divine.

And chocolate fondant.
With Green and Black's vanilla ice cream.

Sexiest Nail Polish:
I still totally love Rouge Noir.

Sexiest Tourist Trap:
Tower of London. Dark gothic glamour.

Sexiest Spectacle:
It’s a total eclipse over India (I think) on August 1st.

Sexiest rabble Rouser:
Again Marie Claire have me confused…their answer? Russian chess champ turned opposition leader Garry Kasparov



dat trouser is fantastic!!!! I am real tall n it looks like it would do wonders for me.
Dat pool...hmm...suspicious !!!! lol

Uzo said...

Interesting indeed...Those jeans are truly truly divine...

This is a very interesting list...off to read the rest...

Tiger Tem said...

@someone else's life...I love both J Brand and Paige. Paige are the most asstastic jeans I've ever owned. Seriously. Suspicious? Of me?

@uzo..hello! its been a while. Paige, order them now and if you go on their site they help you find your perfect fit www.paigepremiumdenim.com.

Renaissance Man said...

Tiger - we need to convesate about the Sexiest head of state. Ain't you worried the man might drop at any time, how is that appealing?

Tiger Tem said...

@Renaissance Man...fret not. I was only joking!