Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Way I Are

Kerri Hilson first caught our attention as the female vocalist on Timbaland's The Way I Are (I prefered her hair in that video too), then she did a follow-up with Timbaland and Nicole 'Scream'. Ho hum. Then she was a rather scandalous looking (well Tameka got mighty stressed about it) love interest in Usher's 'Make Love In This Club' video. And now she's launched her debut solo single 'Energy'/

I'm no beauty aficionado, but these tips from Kerri Hilson's make up artist sound interesting so I'm sure more than a few of us might pick up a tip or two from her make up artist Romero.

This pic is of her backstage before going on air for MTV's TRL.

This picture is courtesy of her make-up artist Romero Jennings (senior artist for MAC).

Romero tells us how to get Kerri's fab look (with a little help from MAC, of course):

1. Pump-up lashes, top and bottom, with two coats of Prep + Prime mascara.
2. Add one heavy winter coat of Plushlash mascara in Plushblack.
3. Add MAC's #7 lashes. Cut them into fine pieces and place on top lashes.
4. Prime skin with Prep + Prime Skin and polish with a sheer coat of Moistureblend Foundation.
5. Highlight face with Moisturelush Eye Cream and contoured Matte Bronzer.
6. Use Creme de Violet eye shadow as a liner/shadow under the eye, and frame with Saddle and Black Tied shadows.

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