Friday, July 11, 2008

Dreams....can come true

Today I was doing my blog rounds, when I make sure I stop by the blogs of all the people who regularly post comments on mine and check out links to other interesting sounding blogs.

And I came across this and initially it made me laugh, then it made me realise people are crazy.

This is the link

Basic gist of the story is the blogger said she wanted to get herself a Range Rover and she received a litany of responses along the lines of...

"What do you mean you want to buy a range? is that your way of saying that you dont want to get married? which man will ask you out driving a range?"

"you want to buy a range? *big sigh* just find a husband first"

"range? your too young to be driving such a car, just respect yourself and go and buy avensis or something"

I am so confused.

So if a woman in her twenties drives a Range, its a bad thing? She won't 'find' a husband? Assuming she wants one anyway, why on earth not?

If a guy is intimidated by something as irrelevant as what car you drive, well he's probably not worth the time of day anyway.

I have unlimited amounts of respect for women who aim to achieve high levels of success and don't sit around waiting for anybody to do it for them.

Girl power!

And isn't the age old adage...keep the woman in the manner to which she's accustomed. So if that's the case, and it bothers you, buddy, step up your game. If her having more doesn't bother either party, more power to you.

Far better the woman who has worked hard to give herself the things she wants in her life than the woman who can't afford the spoke of a bicycle wheel saying the man she marries MUST buy her a Range.

If a woman has done well for herself at an early age (or any age) then who is anybody to tell her what she can and can't spend her money on? If she wants to buy that Range or whatever so be it. And for the haters telling her not to, stop sipping from your cup of hatorade and worry about yourself. Live and let live. Aim higher, expect more, achieve greatness.

When I see people doing well, I think wow, I can't wait till that's me. All in good time. And it inspires me to do more.

I remember a conversation I had with a guy ages ago, and he said the problem with women like me is they expect to much. To which I replied the problem with men like you is you achieve too little. (Yes well, he started it).

I'll sign off with the words of Eleanor Roosevelt ...."The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".


Rennaissance Man said...


These mofos are crazy.

Since when did having a husband become a prequisite.

Dudu people have a problem, in 2008, a woman cant own a range?

I will always fight against dependency, you need to know an some hausa to realise....not a pretty life.

Anonymous said...


Simi Speaks said...


am all for girl power and then some, but come on, lets me real! what's a single, mid twenties lady riding around town in a new range for? prove what? "i have mine dont need urs"?

Wait! b4 u cast the 1st stone, hear me out!

our 9ja men need to feel validated. period. they need to feel they can provide all ur needs. and yes, that includes a nice car. a woman saying "i dont need u but i do want to get married" is sending the wrong message.

my 2 cents.

KAY said...

This issue have been over flogged of late. What does it matter if an unmarried lady owns a Range Rover. Any man who can not come up to a lady and ask her out just because she owns a Range is just not man enough! It's called inferiority complex! You know what, even in a marriage setting what is the big deal if the woman earns more money, must a man earn more money in marriage. It's high time African men embrace reality and face life with a good sense of judgment, I mean what is most important in any relationship is trust and the unconditional love you have for each other, from there mutual respect will flow naturally. Above all if am married to a lady who happen to earn more that me so what? Provided am not a lazy man and am earning enough money too especially to take care of my family responsibilty.Pls bear this in mind when you are in love it does not matter. At the end of the day she is Mrs.(My Name),our kids bear my (Name),all her investment in her name has my (Name) in it because she is Mrs. Above all, when we are both old and retired and she prepares her will, to whom would all her investment and property goes to? Our children (My Children)So tell the men to go get a life and stop the pity par

Tiger Tem said...

@renaissance man...its only 2008 in some parts of the world.


@simi...ooooh. Why does she need to be proving anything? Perhaps she liked it, could buy it and did buy it. Is the men needing to feel validated a problem for the men? Or for the women? And doesn't pnadering to that enable the men to seek out futile forms of validation? I'm just saying...

@kay...loved that!