Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's Sexy Now (Part 2)

As I said, this week I'll be working through the Marie Claire list of what's sexy now. 25 per day.

Sexiest Reality Show:
hmmm...The Hills? (I'm a sucker for glitz and glam)

Sexiest Hairstylist:
Hmmm...they said Orlando Pita and from looking at his picture, I'll agree. Then again I remember once on holiday I ended up in Vidal Sassoon (total lack of choice) and I had the BEST head massage ever from their top male stylist (you know they had to bring out the best stylist to 'deal' with my hair). I think he was called Paco.

Sexiest View:
I love a good roof terrace. Not picky about specific location. But at a push I'd say Marbella the combination of urban, mountains and sea...with a view of Morocco and the Rock of Gibraltar on a good day.

Sexiest Republican:

Sexiest Network:
Ok I'm not too familar with american networks but I'd say ABC as they gave us Dirty Sexy Money and Cashmere Mafia., a little stuck. Probably Channel 4...they do good shows.

Sexiest Fix:
Green and Blacks vanilla ice cream. If you haven't tried it, get yourself down to Sainsbury's or Wholefoods pronto!

Sexiest Make Up Bag Must:
Benefit Bad Gal has been a constant companion for years and now I've added the Bad Gal lash to my arsenal.

Sexiest Royal:
Marie Claire said Harry. I don't find him attractive but you got to love the guy that has all the perks with none of the hassle and pressure.

Sexiest Foodie:
The first chef that really caught my attention was Jamie Oliver. He just made food look so damn simple. And he's a very likeable character. Don't find him all that sexy though. But I think the ladies come out on top in this category....I mean can anyone out-goddess Nigella? And have you seen Padma Lakshmi on Top Chef?

Sexiest Joyride:
Hmmm...probably a Maserati. Don't know, flash rides bore me these days.

Sexiest Bag:
A slick Tiger Tem croc clutch. Blink and you miss them they sell so quick but c'est la vie.

Sexiest Website:
...Seriously sexy stuff. This is my kind of porn. (Porn of the retail variety being the depiction of subject matter with the sole intention of exciting the reader.)

Sexiest Legs:
Apart from mine, I'd probably give it to Heidi Klum or Cameron Diaz.

Sexiest Commute:
Bed to desk

Sexiest Self Tanner:
Being from the darker end of the gene pool. Wins every time.

Sexiest spa:
Not much of a spa fan but the best on earth has to be the Six Senses spa in Dubai. Google it.

Sexiest Splurge:
I agree with Marie Claire...Real Estate. What on earth can trump property??

Sexiest Rumour:
That Will and Jada have an open marriage?

Sexiest Exhibit:
Anything at the Natural History Museum or at the V&A in London.

Sexiest Summer Ale:
A mighty fine rose (wine) or Laurent Perrier Rose or Pimms actually, haven't had Pimms for a while.

Sexiest Silhouette:
Hourglass. Beyonce has a badass body.

Sexiest Nation:
Brazil. They all seem to have been at it since they were born. Its in every fibre of their being, the way they move, walk, talk.

(This picture is in Pelourinho, Salvador in Brazil. Beautiful.)

Sexiest Posse:
The A Team

Sexiest Off The Grid Escape:
Jericoacoara, north coast of Brazil. A mission of a hell of a journey to get there but its amazing. Google it!

Sexiest Shoes:
Louboutin's obviously. But right now I'm in all types of love with these Maison Martin margiela. Fabulous.

Sexiest handheld:
iPhone vs Blackberry. The battle that will never end.

Next 25 tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

The ice melts in my mouth, tongue rolling, lips licking... awwwwwwwwww

Anonymous said...


Tiger Tem said...

@anon...clearly you're a BIG fan!

@anon...yes it is, the more I use it the more I understand its appeal. I don't own one ....yet.

Renaissance Man said...

We like the Tiger croc clutch. Bad Bad Bad piece of handwear.

Bad ass!

Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

@Renaissance Man..thank you!