Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Sexy Now (Part 1)

What’s Sexy Now?

The American Marie Claire this month has a very interesting little section called Sexy 101 which I’m totally poaching. For Marie Claire its their what’s sexy now month….on Tiger Bites is our what’s sexy now week.

They’ve done 101 questions and I’ll answer all the same ones…during the course of the week. This looks like fun.

Feel free to share!

Sexiest Building:
Guggenheim. Something about all the slippery slopes and undulating lines.

Sexiest Game:
Any game I win.

Sexiest Cause:
Anything to do with empowering women or children.

Sexiest It Girl:
Kirstin Davis. She stole the thunder in Sex & The City for me.

Sexiest Hour on TV:
Gossip Girl…..can’t really think of anything else.

Sexiest Lipstick:
I’m a lipgloss girl, and I’m a MAC Oh Baby girl.

Sexiest Blogger:
Too easy.

Sexiest Villain:
Gael Garcia Bernal in Babel. Ok, he’s not quite a villain but damn….

Sexiest Mogul:
The fictional character of Simon on Dirty Sexy Money. The fact he’s played by Blair Underwood has absolutely nothing to do with it. Promise.

Sexiest Fragrance:
Narciso Rodriguez for women and I quite like Paul Smith Story for men.

Sexiest Download:
MC said - Santogold. Hmm. Wouldn't quite call that sexy.

Right now I’d say Jay-Z’s I Know….its that line “I am so dope, like Louboutins with the red bottoms, you gotta have them, you’re glad you got them, like every colour Giuseppe’s your guilty pleasure is me….”
You just have to love the guy that can not only talk shop properly, but make it sound hot.

Sexiest Destination:MC said Space. I'm not sure on this one. I'll think about it and answer tomorrow.

Sexiest Pick up line:Any that works

Sexiest baby Boomer:Ok, I’m a little lost on what they mean here but their answer was Gabriel Byrne from In Treatment.
Yep. I’m confused too.

Sexiest Neologism:(Yeah you thought you were smart) Neologism means new word or meaning: a recently coined word or phrase, or a recently extended meaning of an existing word or phrase. My entire lexicon is full of made up words but my most recently one is probably….spiffy. As in hot, as in a much more silly sounding word than that serious sounding silly word fierce.

Sexiest Job:Gangsta’s moll.

Sexiest Party: (they mean political party).
Tricky. I’m not really down with politics. Politicians on the other hand....

Sexiest Offices:Floor to ceiling windows in a corner office overlooking the ocean. I’ve seen it and one day it will be mine.

Sexiest Perk:Free upgrades. Yeah, a little pikey but hey who doesn’t love a good freebie.

Sexiest Hair:
Thandie Newton’s probably. I’m thinking its real….

Sexiest Weight Loss Plan:
MC said, the red wine diet, drink yourself skinny diet. Quite funny.
I’d say the eat what you want diet.

Sexiest Bond:
Hmmm. Sean Connery (MC said Daniel Craig!!!!!)

Sexiest Comeback:
Sex and the city obviously.
Oh and the bootleg jean. I know it never really went anywhere but they’re back in full force with a multitude more washes and cuts for the next season. And FYI, its all about Paige Premium Denim. They are ass-tastic.

Sexiest Impulse Buy:
Anything unnecessary and expensive. Without a second thought.

Sexiest Newlyweds:
Hmm. Those people down the road.
Don’t think I have an answer for this one. Can’t think of anyone I know who got married recently.

MC said Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni…gimme a break.

And on that note, I’ll stop for today and continue tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Our parents' generation were considered the 'baby boomers'!

Our generation are the 'generation Xers'. Assuming you are a between ages 45-25


Tiger Tem said...

@anon...thanks for clearing that up!