Thursday, August 21, 2008

I See You Baby....#2

Another day another million dollars. Such is the way of life in the La-La land of the biggest celebs.

Anyway, I don't care what if its not my money.

I just want to know whos' looking f.a.b.o.u.l.o.u.s. this week.

Well hello there Brandy. Its been a while. Well rumour has it Miss B is getting ready to drop a new album and she's gotten all slick for the promo shots...nice.

Dios Mio! Why does this girl insist on suffering herself by trying to sing? Just be a model dammit.

Yeah, I'm loving this outfit so much it gets two pictures. Herve Leger is a little played out these days but his dresses and skirts are so popular as they're basically wide elasticated girdles....what's not to love about the girdle masquerading as a dress and looking divinely sexy in the process. And don't even get me started on those shoes....yes they look as if she nicked them from the Carnavale Queen in Rio but damn, they look good.

And here we have Rihanna in the same outfit, different colour skirt and different shoes. I think I prefer Cassie's look.

Eva Pigford, remember her, winner of America's Next Top Model. Here she is looking gorgeous in a promo shot for her new role as a young mum on The Young and The Restless.

Its a very simple outfit, but it works and I like it. A lot. For some reason Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to like to pretend to keep a low profile whenever they're papped coming out of one of their two favourite eateries, Waverly Inn and The Spotted Pig.

Dayum...looking good J Hud. Would you be so kind as to pass on the number for your hairdresser, make up artist, photographer, lighting assistant....cos that is one serious dream team she's got at her fingertips!


Anonymous said...

yea..u r right, cassie's number looks hot. brandy's grown from having the girl next door look to a sexy looking, sophisticated young woman. i did notice that beyonce is not very big on clothing, it's not necessarily a bad or good thing. i'd like to believe that it is just her, maybe how she wants it. it suits her tho... especially those large bags that she carries.

reminds me of golden bleu...ok. tiger tem...i am dropping names
now, as i dnt have any golden bleu bags or bag @ the moment (i hope i got the name right; golden bleu?)

Dropsofglamour said...

J-HUD looks good and i'm really grooving to her song 'spotlight'. It's nice that she is going back to her singing career. The acting is great (eh...not SATC tho) but i think music is more natural for her.

Yes, these Herve ledger skirts/dresses...i'm thinking they have to go away soon. As sexy as they are, I admit to finding them a little monotonous now.

xoliquoricexo said...

totally loving brandy's belt. hotness.

Tiger Tem said...

@anon...totally agree with your comments on Cassie, Brandy and Beyonce. Love the bags and yeah I really don't think she's into clothes. And yes you got the name right GoldenBleu...fabulousness.

@dropsofglamour...haven't heard the song yet, will look out for it. I think she was much better in DreamGirls than SATC too, but all the same added a little flavour to the film to have her in that role. Herve Leger was huge in the 80s, made an astonishing comeback....check out one of those dresses in the flesh and you'll see why. They're literally like a bandage that holds you in and sculpts the body...far better than hours on the treadmill! And that's why they're so damn popular. aussi

2hot4fendi said...

Eva pigford as in ANTM cycle 3 winner?
She looks like she may have lost some weight or was the pic just touched up a bit???
Brandy and J Hud looking hot though

Anonymous said...

jennifer hudson is beautiful. i am loving her new look, it's soooo hot!!!!