Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer in The Hamptons...

No, not me.

Looks interesting. But truth be told I'm not all that enamored of NY so if I find myself in the Hamptons one day, fine. If I don't, fine.

There are plenty of beautiful, wealthy little coastal spots in America if that's what you're looking for....I spent a day at a teeny tiny one a while ago(and I mean tiny, like a total population of about 1000 people and it only had about 10 shops, 6 restaurants but a beautiful bay).

And the starting price of homes was $1 million. I kid you not. I'm a little obsessed with property so I always check listings in property agents windows to get a more accurate reading of an area. And damn, Tiburon is nice but hmmm....$1 million for a nice house, in the middle of nowhere and in a place that small, you just know everyone will be far too interested in what new car/chopper/yacht Bob and Susan down the road just bought.

Anyway I digress.

We've had the August Bank Holiday in the UK (how was carnival if anyone went?) and we've had Labour Day in America (what's labour day for and what happens?). Which means 3 things in my world.
1. New season clothing
2. Temperatures drop
3. New Season TV.

I'm not TV buff but when I like a show, I like it. And last night I sneakily watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl. (www.sidereel.com...don't say I don't share). Great stuff, story lines a little mature for a bunch of school kids but at the end of the day, they all look my age anyway, and the best bit by far is the wardrobe.

So here we go....(I'll see if I can find details on who the clothes are by and update later).

TV's favourite reformed blonde, Serena Van Der Woodsen looks rather fabulous although a bit pissed off as she stomps down the beach. Her tunic looks like a Yaya one.

Love Blair. Yes she does tend to look a little overstyled but that's the beauty of TV, a shinier, prettier better put together version of real life. I think that's a Kate Spade bag she's carrying.

Serena does beach casual fabulous...which is always the best way.

Love this dress! I see they've got Blair in a lot of green this show. This dress looks like a Milly dress. (Like I said, I'll verify the designers if I can later).

I so want Blair's wardrobe! The leafy print dress looks fab with the red bangle and red and white shoes. And they've gone all out this season making Chuck Bass look like a true dapper don....Love it. Yes its a tad camp, but its TV.

That's definitely a Kate Spade bag Blair's carrying. Not too crazy about these outfits on either one of them but I do like Blair's highlights.

Love the Pinafore style dress on Serena (Rag & Bone?) and that bright cobalt blue Chanel bag is fabulous. And so are the glam glads. And yeah, Nate's got that beach casual look down to a T too.

And they all attend the Labour Day highlight, the White Party.

Holy Moly this is a fabulous shot. Very Great Gatsby which I'm sure is exactly what they were looking for. This is quite possibly one of the best dresses I've seen in a long time. Marc Jacobs....and I'm usually not a fan. Love it. And I love her little hairpiece too. And just get a load of Chuck! If he wasn't such a raging bull of teenage hormones....he'd totally be gay.

Such a hot dress it gets two pictures. If I was going to wear it, I think I'd take that bow off the front...a little too cutesy even for me.

LOVE the Grecian goddess look on Serena. The hair looks impossible but I love it and the dress is a more relaxed, laid back boho alternative to Blair's. I think we can see that Blair and Chuck are the superstylised overdone pair while Nate and Serena have that laid back moneyed look down to perfection.

Little Jenny Humphrey not to be outdone looks fabulous in this very Betsey Johnson style prom dress.

And Tinsley Mortimer (looking like she's had a shocking amount of 'work' done) makes a cameo appearance which is quite brave of her. in the last season, Blair made some reference to 'being about as reliable as Tinsley Mortimer after one martini too many'...ouch.

And last but not least, an adorable bonfire picture of Dan and Serena...don't you just love the fact they're a couple in real life too.

So far, Gossip Girl is the only show I'm happy to see is back on. The new 90210 looks like crap....and I can't say I've noticed anything else on the horizon....what are your favourite new shows? For the story lines and/or the fashion?



wow, am I the only one that doesn't watch Gossip Girl?

Anyway, hope all is well.

Dropsofglamour said...

Wow, Blair's dress doesnt seem typical of Marc Jacobs. It's a hot little number. I think all three girls look great at the white party. I've always wandered what labour day is too!

Tiger Tem said...

@solomonsydelle....hmm. Not sure how popular it is with everyone else but its very popular with me.

@dropsofglamour...he's done a few dresses that are pretty much the same shape but I agree, definitely much more pretty than his usual Geek Chic. Looking hot in white is no small feat so kudos to their stylist.

2hot4fendi said...

gossip girl all the way!!
It has quietly filled the void cashmere mafia left in my world.
I love the fabulousity that is those kids closets...
Can't wait for ANTM's premiere 2morro, though I'm pretty aprehensive cos Tyra gets on my nerves easily, lol.
Dunno what the hype is about labour day, but hey I'm okay with any excuse to holiday!!!
Now is it just me that ''all of a sudden'' finds myself drawn to white clothing/accessories after labour day? Why is it a fashion faux pas anyway?
Pray tell, Tiger bites...

Ladi said...

I definitely watched Gossip Girl yesterday.

Lol@ the Betsey Johnson dress that Jenny wore...in the episode she designed it that makes me chuckle.

You're in America?

Tiger Tem said...

@hot4fendi...I'm a little ANMT'd out. But I'll watch it later on in the week and let you know if I reckon this season will hold my interest.

I believe something is only a faux pas if it looks terrible. So if you want to wear white in winter, as long as you look fierce, rock on with your bad self.

Tiger Tem said...

@Ladi...thought the little storyline with Jenny and the dress was fab!

Ladi said...

Does Gossip Girl show in Nigeria thats what I meant about the nosy "In America" question.

Yea, Jenny was in a typical 9ja hustler-mode.