Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Simply Beautiful......Maxwell's BACK!

Holy Moly ladies, hold tight to your seats.

I don't know how I missed this at the time but I didn't watch the BET Awards.

Now like 99% of women across the world, I love Maxwell. Not necessarily him, but his music. That guy is just 100% talent. He had most of us with Urban Hang Suite. An absolute classic album, that has gone platinum at least twice. And it is a must have for anyone that loves their hot buttered sexual chocolate aural satisfaction as smooth as a baby's bum. But in the far more appealing package of a tall, half Haitian half Puerto Rican Musical genius called Maxwell Rivera.

But I digress.

Anyway the 21st century Marvin Gaye, performed at the BET awards this year. (and I catch wind of this 3 MONTHS LATER?!). A supremely fabulous bit of marketing to launch his almost sold out mini tour across America. Tickets are starting at $150 and almost sold out....isn't that something.

At the BET awards this year, there was a big Al green tribute, which again seems to have skipped my attention.

But Maxwell definitely got the longest straw as he did an amazing rendition of Simply Beautiful.

Dude has gotten friendly with some clippers as he's looking all clean cut and grown up and not so emotionally fraught as before. And was that a wedding ring I spotted? AND he's still got some moves. Not old-man-trying-to-be-young dance moves, the I'm-so-indisputably-permanently-hot I don't need to try dance moves.

Now apart from the fact that its Maxwell and this was his first live performance in about 6 years. Simply Beautiful by Al Green is one my most favouritest songs EVER. No joke.

Normally I'd say all these chumps today need to leave the greats like Al Green and Marvin Gaye alone....but S.D.M.F. Maxwell did an amazing job.


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Dropsofglamour said...

I'm a huge fan too. He's been doing a few shows in the states his summer - fingers crossed for the release of this album we've been hearing about.

Cheetarah said said...

Wassup tiger, havent been here in a minute!How was ur summer go anywea interesting?

Hmm Maxwell, looking yummy without the lion mane! My fav song is strangely 'lets not play the game' not soulful or deep, and that sad one that they ruined when they made an add, 'this woman's work' loves them 2.

Saw ur last post,shd mention BTW that side reel doesnt put links up anymore coz of copyright infringement, but can and will probally direct u to,Tudou or Youku tv and you can watch almost anything from there.

Also so the anon who called you a hipocrite for the stipper post,LOL! u SEF were explaining to it what you meant!

I have recently fallen in love with Jovovich -Hawk, just as they disbanded,any ideas where to get them for not so full price?lol!

SET said...

I miss Maxwell, he is talented and I was very excited to see him looking good at the BET Awards, sounding and looking great.

Tiger Tem said...

@dropsofglamour...I'm sure the album will go platinum from pre-sales alone. The generation that really grew up with Maxwell are probably richer, married and in more need of some of that aural satisfaction!!!! Only to help them reminisce of course.

@Cheetarah...Summer's been good, my favourite time of the year without a doubt. They made an ad with This Woman's Wok? Tell me, who were the pagans that performed such sacrilege! Thanks for the heads up on how to bootleg better.

Jovovich-Hawk split up? Didn't know they'd disbanded so thanks for that., sale section of and will be your best bets. and A LOT of other women!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the leads, yeah they disbanded,google lucky magazine milla..thats where she said it.

Yes o! They ruined that song for me, now everytime i hear this womans work i think of dead animals and starving was in UK like 2years ago,I think the RSPCC or the one for animals! Real sacrilege!


Anonymous said...

@tiger tem, hi.

@chee, hi, long time...

Anonymous said...


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