Monday, September 15, 2008

I See You Baby - NY Fashion Week Runway Part 2

As promised here's part 2 of the decidedly un-diva take on NY Fashion Week. I looked through the pictures and happily selected what I thought was cute, fun, fierce, sexy an absolute must have. My only premise being what would I wear?

So after taking a good look at the offerings from DVF and the lesser known Alexander Wang. Today I'm starting with a name I've only discovered this year....Boy by Band of Outsiders. I fell in love with their Ivy League inspired preppy style on eluxury the first time I saw it there.

Boy by Band of Outsiders
For their Spring/Summer collection they did it in a really simple, stylish way and just got Kirsten Dunst to model their entire collection. The result is a set of laidback, unfussy ubercool pictures for their lookbook. Kirsten is know for her easy breezy slightly ruffled style and proved to be their perfect muse. The quirky reinterpretation of classic preppy are just what the sexy tomboy uptown kids (determined to look like kooky downtowners) need.

LEFT: Looks like the shorts suit is big news again for next summer. I'm loving the easy laidback cappuccino linen with the slick black shirt. Sexy without trying too hard. love it.

RIGHT: I'm all about a great white shirt for its understated sex appeal. And worn with this bandage inspired skirt, with the yellow shoes, is a winner in my eyes. I just love yellow shoes. They're pretty much a neutral colour as they work with everything and are a great easy way of adding a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit like this one.

LEFT: Camel is such an effortlessly stylish timeless colour and work over the belted white dress, it makes a fab summer outfit for a smart work lunch.

RIGHT: This is one of those dresses that looks crap on the hanger yet when you put it on its surprisingly sexy in a forgiving way (i.e. you can eat a big dinner wearing it) yet it still has fabulous shape. Love the colour too.

LEFT: Again a kooky take on the sexy secretary look. It seems Scott Sternberg (head designer) was quite inspired by Mad Men. The polo in a pale pink cashmere and the lightweight cashmere grey skirt. I wouldn't wear them together but as separate pieces they're both those items that you know would get plenty of play over the summer.

RIGHT: The shorts suit strikes back in an easy to wear, suits everybody shade of grey and I love the way it looks with that dusky mauve shirt. Very cute.

SDMF. If one designer got what women want right on the NY catwalk it was Rock and Republic. Yeah, I'd never paid much attention to them either. I'd only heard of them because of Vicky B then I saw this collection and holy moly...they GET it. What do they get? The very simple thing that women look beautiful.

Yes theirs was a more aggressive ubersexy type of beauty with the tight black clothes, big hair, smoky eyes and towering stiletto es.

But damn, who doesn't want to look this hot? The take no prisoners brand of fierceness needed to pull these looks off is an admirable quality in itself.

LEFT: Short, sexy, asymmetric, strength softened by the ruffles. And the perfect white summer dress is becoming a style essential. Love it.

RIGHT: And the sexier, sleeker version in black. Its a little more streamlined, with a lower straighter neckline and downsized ruffles but its still one hot tamale of an LBD.

LEFT: The fierceness of this white suit is highlighted by the model's strut. I defy any man to not give you what you're asking for in a suit this hot! And the shoes....those shoes!

RIGHT: Damn. You've got to be one hell of a minx to pull off this black leather dress. To those who can. I take my hat off to you.

LEFT: A stylish contemporary take on the classic women's tux. Love the shape of the white jacket, the superskinny black jeans and the ruffled shirt. Understated sexy. Love it.

RIGHT: This one is just too easy. Too sexy, too fierce. White superskinny jeans in real life however, are an entirely different matter!

LEFT: Simple but you can imagine how those well placed studs on this LBD move as you shake and shimmy the night away.

RIGHT: Ruffles are big news for next summer and this top is an easy way to welcome them into your wardrobe. I'm loving the spiderweb leggings too. Not in white though, perhaps black with the web in white would be more my speed.

LEFT:Chanel just too fierce! Love the exposed zip on the tube top and I'm LOVING those leggings. Not to be worn together by the rest of us, but damn, this is a good look.

RIGHT: Almost too straightforward for the catwalk but I love its simplicity. And versatility. Dinner, cocktails, party, for all evening occasions.

This was my last pick from NY fashion week. The clothes were unfussy, superstylish and in bright pops of colour which is usually what most of us want when the sun comes out again.

LEFT: As I mentioned earlier, the sexy, stylish white dress for summer is a style must...everybody is busy having white parties every summer now, so you'll probably need a few. Its hard to find a white dress that works well at night, too short, too tight and too white is just too hooch. I love the slightly unexpected layering of this one. Demure yet very sexy at the same time. Love it.

RIGHT: I'm becoming a bigger fan of heather grey by the minute and this is another dress that's sexy because of its unexpected layering and draping. And you can see how it skims and hugs in all the right places. Want this.

LEFT: Another asymmetric ruffled dress. Clearly a big trend for next summer. Its the dove grey hue of this one that caught my eye. Discreetly luxurious. Love it.

RIGHT: And now here's some of that colour I was talking about. i love the bold bright coral of this dress, and the extra diaphanous layer that glides as you it. And I love the way they toughened it up with those black shoes.

LEFT: Very summery style, and I'm loving the superbright electric blue. Its like a modified wrap dress, stylish, simple and very sophisticated dahling.

RIGHT:Orange isn't a colour we see so much and I love this slightly burnt orange. The subtle ruching and draping means its one of those dresses that's notoriously difficult to wear...all the more reason to love it when you get it on properly!


Cheetarah! said...

Oui Tiger, j' habite en France, c'est ne pas romantic, ca n'a rein a voir avec le qu'on peut voir dan les film!!

Yes o, I take inspiration from everywhere when am shopping and ur blog really helps(Thanks to you I know Pedro Gracia, and now Im getting a fab pair of heels from NAP), but didnt buy the belt though cause I have a new system for shopping. Its a bit mad but I'll tell you,lol..

I always have pieces in my wardrobe that I cant wear or match with anything and also I buy alot of crap coz i think ooh it cute and on sale, so this autumn I decided to create a look book, and I already have my 5 key looks, admittedly I ripped the runway but who cares? e.g. I have my basic check shirt(D&G), my folk look(Gucci), my military(Ralph Lauren), my basic white shirt, my lace dress(Prada) and my david bowie tee(D&G), my TDF shoots(Jimmy Choo Pythons),lol! So now Im looking for each item, coz i knw what goes with what and how i wanna look. And since i started it, no1 leaves their Vogue around me coz i cut stuff out,lol!and obviously i would neva acttually buy clothes from gucci, so I source who did a fab version of it.
Yes I take my wardrobe way too seriously but abegi I like to dress up and I enjoy it so why shouldnt.

Ok back to ur post!
Its LFW so thats quite exciting!!
I saw the Rock and Republic show, was quite impressed too, coz like u I only knew them ala Vicky B!Have you see her line by BTW? Totally dug BCBG, and Peter Som! Can some1 please ban Kimora from booking a show during fashion week!! It upsets me!lol!
Good lawd, this is a post! I am hervy banned for a week from commenting! Bisses x

Ladi said...

Lol@ Cheetarah! I was starting to imagine the stats of your Swiss account until u sed u cut the pages of vogue....Smart! I got a Betsey Johnson top made for me this summer and paid the tailor N600 the real thing was like $300...9ja babe!

Tiger, I love the Rock and Republic...tres chic but won't be shopping in that direction soon

Dropsofglamour said...

Rock and Republic certainly has the wow factor. Super sexy confidence boosters. I like the BCBG collection for those colours and me thinks those layers would be great at hiding a multitude of sins :-)

So what do you think about VB's new hair? Didn't think it was that bad but the hair seems to be getting some bad press.